The benefits of working in the hospitality industry

These days, there a wide variety of advantages to working in the hospitality industry, with the sector booming as a result of both the increase of so-called ‘staycations,’ as well as a weak Pound. But how exactly could it end up benefiting you?

These factors in addition to various other influences give rise to some of the most positive aspects of taking on a position in the hospitality sector in the 21st Century.

More jobs than ever before

The hospitality sector in the UK has received an unprecedented boost as a result of a number of economic factors, leading it to become the country’s fourth biggest employer. This means that there is a much larger number of jobs available than there were in previous years across many different roles, whether it be in restaurants, bars, as hotel managers or as waiting staff. This means you have much greater choice in terms of which role you would like to be in, which is not always the case in other similar industries. Consider leveraging the services of a hospitality recruitment agency London to enhance your job search, as they specialise in connecting qualified candidates with diverse opportunities in the vibrant hospitality sector.

In addition, the fact that the hospitality has managed to survive and thrive despite the financial crisis of 2008, where many sectors ended up suffering shows that you can also rely on the industry to be fairly stable and robust in the future too. This allows the crucial peace of mind as to the sustainability and stability of a position within this everlasting sector.

Flexibility of positions

When it comes to temporary hospitality positions, there is a great deal of flexibility with regards to your working hours. This can be a particularly appealing option if you are simply looking for summer work; perhaps as a student over the holidays, looking for an extra bit of cash over the sunnier months, or to supplement your main job on a short-term basis. Being able to pick and choose your hours (this tends to be more common when it comes to positions as waiting staff) is a definite bonus when it comes to this industry.

Furthermore, with so many students and young professionals having to either take on additional work or seek out a suitable online loan, being able to work at your convenience is a large bonus. Furthermore, a temporary role is the ideal alternative to payday loans; being able to work for the money required without having to put oneself in debt.

Getting tips and bonuses

Another considerable advantage when it comes to working in the hospitality industry is the chance to receive sometimes large tips and bonuses on top of your wage. You may get more in terms of bonuses if you work on a cruise, luxury hotel or on a resort, as the service staff tends to be distributed amongst staff to reward and encourage them to stay on top of their game when it comes to service and professionalism.

An ever-changing job

A huge benefit of working in the hospitality industry is that you can expect no two days to ever be completely the same whilst working in almost any role. This makes a position in this sector particularly exciting, as you are likely to always be kept on your feet, often working in a fast-paced environment, but you are rewarded by the fact that it always remains interesting and dynamic.

(source: Redstone Commodity Search)

The chance to travel

If you have the travel bug, then a role in hospitality could be exactly what you are looking for. Many roles involve travelling around the globe (think cruises or those who work at travel advising companies), meaning you may get the chance to explore the globe whilst getting paid to do so, as well having the opportunity to see and experience numerous new cultures, experience new food and drink as well as enjoying new experiences, which is an ideal combination if you like the thought of working abroad.

Career progression opportunities

One thing most of us look for when deciding on a sector to work in is how good the potential is to progress over time. Luckily, as the hospitality industry is increasing, this means that the chance to work your way up the work ladder is both very feasible and very likely, given time.

Opportunities to meet people

On the whole, working in the hospitality industry is by its very nature, extremely sociable. One of the fundamental aspects of most positions in the sector involve maintaining excellent customer service and a strong rapport with everyone. This means that you will regularly be interacting with customers who are from all over the world, making the entire job experience varied and fun, and if you are a people person, consistently meeting and connecting with clients and customers can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Working as part of a large team

It is common for jobs in hospitality to involve working as part of a much larger team. This can alleviate some pressure, as it is much more likely that there will be people among your workforce that you click with, making the experience even better, and potentially making some lifelong friends in the process too.

Additionally, many roles in the hospitality industry do not tend to involve your typical 9-5 work in an office style environment, which can be perfect for you if this doesn’t appeal to you.