Can cobots be targeted for your firm?

Our economy is made up of companies that produce different products. Some of these products are high quality products which reflects in their price, while others are of acceptable quality and price range for the larger portion of the market.

Companies that manufacture these products are of different sizes. It is not necessary that the big companies are the ones that produce high quality products. When these companies think of automation, they see it as an investment in their companies only limited by the size of their bank account. Enter the cobots.

cobots and human

Cobots (collaborative robots) can be custom made for companies and to meet their particular needs and reasons for acquiring cobots within their budget. In addition, different companies have different production processes.

How do we customize cobots for different companies?

End of arm tooling

Depending on the task you apply the cobot to, there certain changes or additions that can be made to the hardware. For example, cobots that are applied to process tasks, pick and place and even packing and palletizing can have different parts. All these tasks require the robot to have specific hardware to accomplish the task at hand.

To achieve this, an end of arm tooling process is arranged. For example to pick products, the cobot requires a suction capability which is then effected to the end of the arm of the cobot. The same is done for the other process tasks.

Mounting cameras

Cobots are also involved in activities that need them to have vision. Companies that assign inspection tasks and some pick and place tasks to cobots may require that their cobots have vision capabilities for the tasks to be completed excellently. To do this, all that is required is for the cobots to be mounted with high resolution cameras that enable them to see how they are carrying out their assigned tasks.

For example, where the cobot is assigned pick and place duties at a conveyor belt with other products, it may require vision to successfully pick out the products it is assigned to pick out. The same will be applied where it is assigned the task of manually inspecting products.

Updating or changing their instruction software

Cobots are flexible in the tasks that they can be assigned to. Their instruction software allow them to perform different tasks. Some tasks assigned to the cobot may not require programming instruction while others will do.

Universal Robots, take pride in their multipurpose cobots and how easy it is to operate and instruct them in different tasks. They are happy that as many benefits accrued by companies using their products, they do not have to hire a programmer to instruct the cobots. An update on their instruction software can enable the cobot pursue different tasks successfully.

Better training

Cobots are mechanical and technological products. To use one, it is a requirement that you undergo some sort of training. Universal Robots offers their training through their distributors and also through online guides that can be accessed from their website. This training is usually given to the direct operators of the robots.

After a proper assessment of needs in the client’s factory, Universal Robots or their distributors recommend the most appropriate cobot to eliminate the challenges recognized. They will then deliver the cobot and assemble it at the factory. They will then train the floor workers on how to use it and will keep updating their training frequently.


For increased productivity it is necessary that all processes are monitored for efficiencies and deficiencies that could arise. Cobots are easily monitored. First they are fitted with technology that can allow for remote monitoring for them to carry out their work without any human supervision. This technology also allows them to give real time feedback on the activities they are involved in. This allows the company to make any changes that it may require in terms of speed of production or even the shape of products coming through the cobot.