2018 FIFA World Cup Bitcoin betting guide

Every four years, sports bettors go to heaven for a month during the FIFA World Cup. There are a total of 64 games, with only 16 being played at the same time. This means that there are at least 64 chances for you to bet your Bitcoin and secure a profit. Sports bettors are already preparing their strategy for the huge sports event this year.

Millions of fans will bet, dreaming to earn some profit as they support the greatest football teams. Century old traditions will meet the world’s latest tech in 90 minutes of triumphant field play. Bettors will witness the highest quality football at the World Cup 2018, keeping their fingers crossed for their favorite team.

In the following article, you will learn how to bet during the World Cup using bitcoins. Furthermore, if you are wondering who has the best odds, you have to check all teams in the bitcoin sportsbook. You should know that Cloudbet has the largest range of bets, with 80 different markets per game. Another notable bitcoin sportsbook is Sportsbet, which has approximately 50 markets per game. Sportsbet also offers bettors the chance to bet on the “result” at the 10-minute mark.

Live betting

If you are a beginner when it comes to betting, you should know that live betting on soccer can be different compared to other sports. Numerous other sports have built-in breaks, such as change of innings, timeouts, and time between rounds. Soccer only has half time. This is a great opportunity for bettors to bet live, in play. In live markets, you might come across a lot of inefficiencies. Hence, will have a lot of opportunities to make a profit and get value bets on.

The best live betting sportsbook

Sportbet offers a live betting interface, which works better compared to other bitcoin sportsbooks. Therefore, you will not have to worry about “accept odds changes” and live scores.

Top Bitcoin sportsbook

Bitcoin sportsbooks represent the future of betting. They offer the best betting experience, providing several advantages. One of them is that players all over the world are welcome to join it, without any restriction and irrespective of the area they come from. Furthermore, bettors can make instant and free withdrawals and deposits whenever they want.

In this case, sportsbooks are able to save more in compliance and banking so that they can offer higher odds. Nevertheless, you should know that betting anonymously makes it impossible for a sportsbook to prevent you from winning too much or misusing your personal information. Below are the most popular sportsbooks:

Sportsbet – It has great reviews from users since it has high rates of live betting, the range of bets, odds and customer service.

Cloudbet – The overall score is 90%. Bettors were pleased when using this sportsbook that now has high rates for customer service, user experience and range of bets.

Nitrogen – This bitcoin sportsbook has an overall score of 89%. Bettors are thrilled about the rates for the odds, privacy, security, and customer service.

Bet types for the World Cup 2018

When you are using these bitcoin sportsbooks, make sure you learn all the bet types first. Apart from the common sports bet types, there are some betting strategies that are unique to tournament structures like this grand sports event.

  1. World Cup tournament winner betting

This type of bitcoin betting is different. Newbies generally bet on their favorite team even before the tournament starts. It is better if you bet on that team to win individual games. This would count when winning a tournament. You should know that the tournament winner markets feature higher overground in sportsbooks. In case you are right about the team, it means you have found an edge. Therefore, betting on individual games increases your chances to take advantage of this edge and apply a staking plan to it.

2. Knockout stages

During this stage, you have to make a decision. You either bet on the result obtained in the end, being the traditional “Home/Draw/Away” market, or you bet on a team you think will go through to the next round. This represents the “Team to advance” market.

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup rapidly approaching, it is time to rethink your bitcoin betting strategy. Check all the available bitcoin sportsbooks to see for yourself which is the greatest one and make sure you understand all the betting types that can guarantee success.