Having your website optimised for search engines is extremely important to ensure that you are able to get as many leads as possible. For many businesses SEO is high on their list of priorities and so a lot of manpower is put into this. Unfortunately, focusing on getting keywords on websites and other features means that mistakes are made that can seriously affect a website’s visibility.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the common mistakes that businesses make when optimising their sites for search engines. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Not getting professional help

Our first mistake that a lot of businesses make is not getting the help that they need. Although it is possible to learn how to do SEO reasonably quickly using the resources available to you, people often make mistakes because they are not educated enough in it. By getting the help of a professional SEO agency like The Evergreen Agency in Oxford, you can be assured that you won’t be making the other mistakes detailed in this article. When you hire a company like this one, your SEO will be handled and their up to date knowledge will keep you on top of the rankings.

Too many keywords

Adding keywords to your site is very important in helping it to rank higher on Google, however, sometimes too many keywords can make a page appear to be spam. Getting the balance right is very important as not having enough keywords can make your site not show up at all. Many people make this mistake so make sure to have your content include a lot of keywords while being readable at the same time. Don’t keyword spam as it will have negative consequences on your SEO.

Lack of sitemap

If you don’t already have a sitemap on your site, you should get this created as soon as possible. Many people make the mistake of not including one without knowing how it can affect their visibility on search engines. Having a sitemap with the names of your pages and how recently they have been updated can make your site rank higher on these sites. Adding one of these or updating your existing map will be quick and easy so don’t make this mistake. Make sure to make the names of your pages relevant to what you think your visitors might be searching for to ensure that your site is optimised as well as possible.

Lack of image labels

Another mistake that many people make when it comes to SEO is leaving out descriptions of their images. Search engines are not able to add images to their algorithms so adding an alt description can add some extra keywords to your site and make it more visible. When it comes to this, however, make sure not to be too vague as having a few extra words in your description can make all the difference between you getting a view and not.


Our final mistake that people make when creating SEO content for their site is leaving out title tags and having poor meta descriptions. When a user searches for a keyword, the first things that they will see is the title tag and so having this be relevant is very important. Adding a meta description is also important to show the user that what is on your site relates to what they are searching you’re your meta description should be short and fill the space that you are given on a search engine site. Be precise and state what your website is going to include. You’ll find this easy to do so make sure not to ignore it if you want your site to be optimised.

Our verdict

Overall, it is important that you try to avoid any sort of SEO mistakes when possible. If you are going to the effort of adding some SEO to your site, then it is likely that you care about how well that it works. Don’t be afraid to get the help of a professional SEO agency if you are unsure how to optimise your site as best as possible. There are plenty of other mistakes that people make so try your best to find out what the problem is with your site. You might find that a professional can identify a problem or a mistake that you are making more quickly than you can. Don’t be scared off by having too many keywords as you should be able to get the balance easily enough if you focus on the content rather than fitting as many in as possible. Add some meta descriptions, make your images compatible with search engines and soon you’ll be seeing an increase in traffic to your site.


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