Best equity mutual fund SIP to invest in 2018

SIP is one of the best ways to opt for a disciplined saving in order to develop a huge amount to meet your future financial goals. While choosing SIP investment, all you need to know is that there is a fixed amount invested in a mutual fund every month on a particular date as selected by you.

Here, the monthly amount can be transferred very easily from your savings bank account. If this service is not available in your city or it is not provided by your bank then you can always issue post-dated cheques as a part of your SIP investment. Well, these cheques will be deposited directly to the fund house and then will deposit to the company o a specific date mentioned by you.

The key benefits of SIP investment for buying equity mutual fund schemes

  • A complete professional management for your SIP investment

When building a house, although if you have already paid for every single material involved during the process. You somehow have to depend on the expertise of the architects along with the technicians so as to complete your house with perfection. On the other hand, when we talk about your investments– wouldn’t a professional is important for building the desirable results for yours?

Well, equity mutual funds come with various schemes and therefore, they tend to appoint several experienced expert professionals to make sure that your money is safe before making an investment. Expertise or fund managers spend their quality time to learn about the companies in which they will be investing your money.

  • SIP investment offers you with liquidity

Equity mutual funds and related schemes are one of the best financial product available in the market and is known for its liquidity. As it provide you with a great opportunity to convert your investment into cash at any point in time. This means that you easily convert your investments for cash anytime you need at a Net Asset Value or may be higher than that depending upon the scheme you opted to go for. Here, you are also allowed to invest in more mutual fund scheme when the market has low NAV units. This liberty of converting your funds into cash and investing gives you a better control in terms of your investments.

  • You can avail systematic and regular SIP investment

These investment schemes benefit you by allowing you to invest a few funds at systematic monthly intervals through SIP. This makes the process very simple for those who have invested in equity mutual funds for the first time. By investing on a regular interval can provide you with a huge profit in future.

  • You can avail tax benefits through SIP investment

Well, in case your period of investing in any of the mutual fund related scheme is more than a year then the capital gains are counted as an exemption from your tax liabilities. You can invest in the schemes can avail the exemption up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh from your taxable income under the section 80C of Income tax act.

There several types of mutual funds available in the market and we have listed a few well-analyzed mutual based on the various key parameters when we talk about SIP Investments.

Read on to more about them:

SBI Magnum Multi Cap Fund-Growth

Multi-cap funds from SBI tend to endow with several market caps as well sectors. This scheme provides you with a sense of flexibility so that you can adapt their portfolios depending upon the present market cycle. Also, these mutual funds are not restricted to any particular part of the market in India. This means that you can go anywhere to generate long-term financial profits by invest in SBI Magnum Multi-Cap Fund.

These mutual funds aim to offer you with a number of better opportunities in terms of long-term growth along with the liquidity. This scheme is best for the investors who are looking for capital appreciation with benefits in future.

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund

This scheme aims to generate best outcomes along with long-term capital benefit. All you need to do is to invest in the mid-cap stocks, as they have a tendency to emerge higher in order to provide you with better and appreciable outcomes for future. The main reason of this fund is to serve mid and small businesses ranged from 151 to 500 according to the market capitalization.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Small & Midcap Fund

This is an open-ended scheme that aims to generate stable long-term capital benefits. You can easily avail these benefits by investing in equity and a related security of the company as it is considered as both small and mid-cap funding scheme. This scheme can also invest a little portion from its investment as your fixed income along with the various money market products so as to meet liquidity.