How an online sales app will increase your sales

It’s no secret that everyone is online these days. Walking down the street is now an obstacle course, dodging the millennials looking down at their phones as they walk along. Using paper and pen is considered retro so if you’re not online in the B2B world, you’re missing out. If you are a consumer goods brand or wholesaler looking to increase your sales, you need an online sales app to help.  

An online sales app can come in many different forms, with the option to include B2B ecommerce software, an order taking app, CRM, route planning and more. If it also has the option of being mobile for use in the field, then this is an added bonus.

How can it make a difference to your business?

Take orders quickly and professionally

The biggest change you will experience through using an online sales app is that previously manual tasks are now completely automated. Sales reps can take customer orders in a fraction of the time it used to take, no longer burdened with heavy paper catalogs or suitcases full of samples. Previous human errors are eliminated as is tedious, manual double data entry.

Using e-catalog software as part of your online software platform allows your products to be beautifully displayed with the flexibility to configure multiple price lists, unique credit terms and more for every individual customer.

Improve productivity

There is clear evidence that the use of mobile devices increases productivity. A survey by MHI Global found that 90% of salespeople surveyed said that mobile devices improved their productivity, as tablets allowed them to focus more on buyers, rather than search for information.

The majority of sales managers believe that having digital tools at their disposal is key to improving overall job performance within their sales team and leads to higher sales.

Offer new promotions easily

We all love promotions and discounts. There is a psychological mechanism that is responsible for why we do. It appears that the word ‘free’ makes us feel irrational excitement, which stimulates association with positive emotions. Sales promotions and campaigns can change rapidly, according to changing market trends, but thankfully, a mobile sales tool sets these up quickly and efficiently, so your sales reps and customers always have the latest offers available to them. You can maximize your revenue as the customer always has the most up-to-date offers to tempt them.

Impress your customers

As consumers ourselves we know never to underestimate the impact customer care has on whether a buyer we will buy from the same vendor again. We want to feel listened to, understood, remembered and in complete control of our buying experience. B2B customers feel the same way and are looking for the same experience demonstrated by research from SUMO Heavy – a Digital Commerce Strategy consulting firm, who found that the most important aspect of a great online tool is its usability and functionality.

Making it simple and easy for your customers to order, whether it’s with a sales rep out in the field, or at home via the B2B eCommerce interface, means they will be more inclined to buy from you again and again.

There is no doubt that an online sales app will increase your sales, click here for more information.