Improving the energy efficiency of your business

All business owners have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint. We all know the damage that we are doing to our planet, and it is up to us to make an effort to put this right.

energy efficiency

Not only is this important for the environment, but it can help your business in terms of future sustainability, reduce expenses, and boosting your brand image. With that in mind, read on to discover how you can improve energy efficiency at your business.

Make the most of the tech that is available today

Technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years, and this is something we can use to our advantage in many different ways, including making energy savings. Check out edge tech for a prime example of this. You will discover a wide range of products that can help you to operate more efficiently in the workplace, such as TruFit, which is a warm edge for windows, ensuring energy is not wasted through your windows, leading to lower utility bills.

Switch to LED light bulbs

This is a really easy change that any business can make, yet it will make a considerable difference to your energy efficiency. LED light bulbs cost slightly more when compared with incandescent bulbs. However, they last for much longer. They emit the same level of light while using a much lower amount of energy.

Consider running energy-saving competitions

Why not get your employees on board with eco-friendly competitions? Find out which employee can reduce their environmental impact the most and reward them with a prize. This will ensure that all employees make a conscious effort to go green, from turning their computers off properly before they leave for the day to cycling to work or car sharing.

Turn the temperature down

If you turn the temperature down by just one degree Celsius in the office, it is highly unlikely that you will feel a difference. However, you will notice a difference when it comes to your energy bills, as this can save you as much as ten per cent per year.

Upgrade your equipment

Last but not least, if you are currently using incredibly old equipment, machinery or appliances within your office, it is time for an upgrade. Such equipment is likely to be eating away at your electricity, meaning you are using way more energy than needed. By a new energy-efficient alternative and you will quickly make back the money spent.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can boost the energy efficiency of your business and a lot of the suggestions that have been mentioned do not require a large effort on your behalf. Follow the advice that has been provided and you will reduce your carbon footprint and your costs in the process.