Augmented reality and virtual reality: On a growth spree

Virtual reality will literally engulf us in future. The 2D perspective of any object will increasingly be replaced by its 3D version, in the near future.

VR’s usefulness in diverse fields is what will make it popular in the coming years. As the cost of hardware needed for VR decreases and we are able to capture any object in every tiny detail in the ultra HD format, VR will become the preferred tool for various applications in our life.

The top changes you can expect

An online VR casino isn’t the only thing that’s going to arrive soon. Let us walk through some of the fields, which VR will dramatically change in the future.


Robotic arm assisted surgery via VR is being increasingly adopted. The advantage lies in the robotic arm being able to perform the surgery in -never experienced before –extremely micro and precise movements, which is not possible physically by any real person.

Another advantage lies in instant retrieval of information about any micro and minuscule part of an organ, live, within the surgery itself.

That is akin to being able to consult a medical encyclopedia while performing a surgery!


You could head off to your favorite store in e-malls – and you wouldn’t even have to leave your room for it! The advantage of today’s e-commerce website lies in the fact that we will be able to feel the objects.

VR will allow us to tap the item we select, open it virtually and see it in different colors. We will be able to test its properties by using it virtually. You can test a virtual basketball by dropping it (albeit in VR mode) and finding out its bounce height.

We got a taste of VR. Now, how will AR increasingly affect our future?

AR (Augmented Reality) goes a step further in all the above cases.

It used depth; motion tracking and area measurement sensors to surrounding us by inserting relevant 3Dobjectsin our real surroundings. In future, when the price of AR glasses will come down, our world will change. We will get a heads up display of our surrounding, as we walk through the streets wearing low priced VR glasses.

AR to change E-commerce

E-commerce will become more exciting as we will be able to inspect the items by implanting its 3D representation in our own surroundings, in our rooms. We will be able to find out, whether the sofa-set we fancy in the e-store, will fit the tiny corner of our room, or what color of that AR sofa-set matches gels with the color of my walls.

That is bringing interactive 3-D objects inside the confines of our surrounding. It’s only natural that vendor and customer in future will increasingly implement such a fabulous conception.

There are plenty of examples to show how AR and VR are going to play a gradually increasing role in our day-to-day activities. Our future is on the cusp of a digital revolution – to be ushered by VR and AR.