How to develop a cohesive work environment

It is said that every company has a culture, some traditions, an ambience, and an environment which fosters your employees’ growth, development and the way they work. The Balance Careers, in an extremely detailed article, suggests the importance of understanding company culture and the ways business owners and leaders can retain and enhance it.

The importance of a company’s culture is such, and still there aren’t many that implement the ways and means to improve the working environment of the company. A proper work culture entails a cohesive environment where your employees feel comfortable in.

A person spends more than 50% of their time awake in their workplace which makes it important for them to be working in a place that feels open, free, nurturing, and uplifting. Here, we present to you a few ways that you can use to develop a more cohesive work environment in your offices:

1. Build an extremely open culture

It is believed that the best way for fellow human beings to get along is to show and ask for support. An open company culture allows team members to feel comfortable sharing with each other and asking for, as well as offering support! There are multiple ways towards building open cultures in your offices.

  1. Have open working spaces: This is a trend being followed in a lot of companies these days. Apple’s latest headquarters, the ever-so-beautiful and astounding Apple Park in California is the perfect example of that. Steve Jobs had the perspective of building a space that was completely interactive and intuitive for employees to share ideas and learn from one another. Building a workplace that allows people to not be cramped up in cabins, but instead sit together on round-tables or huge conference rooms or just at some corner in the office, in a couch or a bean bag chair helps foster openness and better sharing opportunities. This is one of the best ways to foster an open culture.
  2. Set up more meetings to get to know people better: We’ll discuss more about this later, but according to the founder of CEO of Expectful, the famous pregnancy meditation company, Mr. Mark Krassner believes that setting up meetings to interact with people and to understand their problems better is a great way to develop more cohesive workplaces. Team members sharing the best part of their days, the things they’re working on, whether they need help with anything, etc. are good ways of expanding team trust and openness.

2. Make your employees use better employee engagement and scheduling software

With the advent of technology taking leaps and bounds, there is no doubt you can use better technological advancements to improve on your work environment too. Managing your employees can be very time-consuming. Vacations, sick leaves, project assignments, labor costs – there’s a lot to handle. Most businesses spend too much time on these activities. Ximble is an employee scheduling app that saves you time, money and energy.

  • Ximble increases productivity through simplification and streamlining tasks
  • Manage employee requests and shifts with a clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Automate scheduling in advance with auto-scheduling
  • See employee availability and delegate duties
  • Communicate via instant messages in real-time via ximbleChat

Not just Ximble, there are many other platforms helping you in improving your employee working environment. Applications such as Slack helps employees collaborate better. Look out for newer technologies that help employees work smarter, not harder.

3. Transparency is key: A transparent environment is key to better work

Be extremely transparent to your employees and your teams. It is without a doubt, non-negotiable. However, it isn’t always possible to be 100% transparent and/or connected to all your employees, especially when we’re talking about distant, remote employees. It can be pretty difficult to create cohesive work culture that includes remote employees. Using multiple online tools to maintain transparency and keep remote employees in sync can ease things. There are applications such as TeamViewer to share information with your employees, Skype for group meetings and conferences, Google Hangouts for conversations, etc. just to name a few.

4. Plan outings with your employees

One of the best possible ways to have cohesive work environments in your offices to be well connected with them. Now, don’t get us wrong, throughout this article we’ve been talking about being connected for work, but this is different; this is beyond work!

Yes, you heard us right. It is crucial for your employees to know each other apart from what work they do. Knowing people personally generates a feeling and sense of trust, a sense of togetherness, and support and care come automatically. People who are well connected, and those who bond well, have more chances of working more productively, especially when working together as a team. Know your people better, take them to lunch or dinner outings, go for walks between intense work sessions, plan company team weekends, contests, quizzes, discussions, movie nights, pot-luck lunches, and so much more. It makes for a happier environment, and happier employees.

5. But don’t forget to keep your environment genuine. Never fake it!

Whether you’re providing feedback to peers or leaders, or sharing recommendations with clients, sharing information on social media, it is very important to instil your core values in your employees by reflecting those values in everything you do, day in and day out.

With this, we’d say that you can take example from the young and booming start-ups today. They are the ones leading with all of these creative and innovative ideas in the workplace to make work more exciting, engaging and cooperative for those who might be feeling the tiresome and monotonous grind.