How to know if your business is on the way to success

Modern business is incredibly competitive, with more and more companies adopting innovative tactics and clever strategies in order to stay at the front of the pack. Yet while some businesses may portray a sense of success to the public eye, it’s not uncommon for prominent companies to make unexpected falls from grace overnight.

So how can you tell which businesses are improving and which are making a beeline for bankruptcy? Below are some of the major indicating factors to look out for:

Increases in profit

Regardless of other factors, a company’s bottom line is always going to play a pivotal part in determining its success, both now and in the future. While some companies take a year or two to get up and running, if the business in question is more than a few years old and isn’t turning a profit that exceeds its annual expenses, it could be a cause for concern. Turning a profit can give you a lot of freedom, to expand or to relax and enjoy visiting top betting sites.

Staff retention

With recent statistics from a published Oxford Economics report revealing that it costs an average of £30,000 to replace a member of staff, a good workforce retention rate is an immediate sign that a company is concerned with its growth and long term success. As well as saving cash, staff retention is also an indication that employees are happy and satisfied within their roles. This is a key part of driving future company development as well as nurturing customer satisfaction.

Rising share prices

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a business is heading for long term success is to take a look at their share price history. In general, companies that are dedicated to continually improving will be backed with steadily increasing share prices that reflect their market efforts.

Positive media coverage

No matter what the market sector, receiving positive media coverage is a great way to gauge whether or not a business has achieved success within its industry. Whether its magazines, newspapers, social media or television, when a company has created a positive public buzz, it’s definitely worth paying it some attention.

Customer satisfaction

What better way to evaluate the success of a business than to look at its customer satisfaction rate? Thanks to the convenience of the internet, you can now access customer feedback at your fingertips. Most websites will generally flaunt any positive testimonials; however it’s also advisable to seek out a well-rounded idea of customer opinions via forums, blogs and social media platforms.


A business can have all the resources in the world but without effective leadership to execute a plan of action, the chances of success are very limited. If a company has demonstrated progressive and constant success under the leadership of a certain manager or CEO, it is likely that they will continue to thrive under their guidance. If the leader is new on the scene, why not do some research into their previous achievements in order to gauge what their success rate is like?

Whether you are thinking about investing in shares, entering into a partnership or enlisting the professional help of an organisation, considering these six simple factors can be hugely beneficial when trying to establish whether or not a business is well positioned to foster growth and long term success.