Understanding your energy bill and compare energy tariffs from Quotezone

If you’re like most first time homeowners, chances are good that you don’t fully understand what energy tariffs are. That’s why, before you start looking for energy tariffs from Quotezone, it’s a good idea to get a solid understanding of what you’re expected to pay and how you can save some money.

There are a number of different types of energy tariffs, and you may find that what works best for your neighbors, or your relatives, doesn’t work best for your needs.


The standard tariff is known in the industry as the default tariff. If you’ve ever looked at your bill from your energy supplier and have seen the words “evergreen tariff”, that is the default, or standard, tariff. This tariff is perfect for homeowners who want to be able to be flexible with their energy company. It’s important to note that if you take the time to compare energy tariffs from Quotezone, and you find one that you prefer over the one you’re currently using, there should be no fee for leaving the contract that you already having, provided that there is no set end date for the contract. While the standard tariff is just that, standard, it’s not always the most affordable one available for everyone.


If you choose to have a fixed energy tariff, unlike the standard tariff, it’s very likely that you’ll have an exit contract should you leave before your contract is completed. This is one reason why many homeowners shy away from this type of energy tariff – they don’t want to be “held down” to any one company for any length of time. If, however, you know you’re going to be staying in your home for at least a handful of years, a fixed tariff may be the best option for your needs. This tariff has guaranteed unit rates, and guaranteed standing charges, for a specified amount of time. With Ofgem rules you’re even able now to switch your provider, should you choose to, anywhere from 42 – 49 days before your contract is considered completed without having to pay any fees.


If you’re someone who likes to be very specific with your bills, prepayment tariffs may be the best option for you. This payment allows you to know for sure exactly what you’re paying, because you pay it ahead of time. While this can be great for someone who likes to micromanage their bills, it’s also generally one of the most expensive ways to afford your electricity and your gas, as you’ll see when you look for energy tariffs from Quotezone. If, however, you have the cash and you want to really make sure that you’re covered financially and paid ahead of time, the prepayment option may be the best one for you!

Going green

If you want to make sure that you’re leaving behind as small of an environmental footprint as possible, go for the green tariff. Green tariffs allow you to mix your regular usage with sources of energy that are renewable, helping to truly make an impact, no matter how small, on the global world.