How to host the best corporate dinner

There are a few times in the year where companies get to relax a little sip a good scotch and network. BBQs, Christmas parties, family days are all great but usually, the highlight of the year will be a corporate dinner.

So what happens if this year it is your turn to be in charge? Well, firstly, if you are hosting – congratulations, you’ve made it, and secondly, we better get started on those tips for hosting the best corporate dinner ever.

  1. You choose the mood. If you want a very sleek elegant feel, then you have to book somewhere that lends to that. The atmosphere of the location will be what defines and guides the mood. A pizza restaurant with kids welcome is very different from a penthouse 7-course meal. Choose wisely.
  2. Corporate catering combined with a location of your choice means you will have even more control over what is served when it is served and the general running of the evening. Great for people who like to have everything under control and enjoy the event too.
  3. Keep the details under wraps. If your location package, décor and food smacks of cheapness – that is how you and your business will be remembered. If however, you have gone the other way and the tables are laden with champagne bottles, it would be crass to talk about the cost. Try and find a middle ground that is just impressive enough to be expensive, and just expensive enough that no one wants to ask.
  4. If you have been working on a client for a while, and still not managed to bag their business, now is a great time to flaunt your careful attention to detail. You can add flourishes to their table, or personal table setting that is unique to them. If you do that, remember that in order to not show favour to others guest you will have to give them something special too. Taking the time to cater to allergies, likes, dislikes and even arranging the tables in a certain way will get your planning noticed for all the right reasons.
  5. Always tell the location that you wish to have an extra set of meals and tables available – but not visible. Often people who think they are very important (and they might be indeed) will turn up to an event they didn’t RSVP to. It would pay for you to be able to accommodate them without making too much of a fuss. You never know what impression of being able to handle that situation might make on your other guests.
  6. Don’t drink too much. Be seen to carry a tipple around with you, for ‘cheers’ moments, and the occasional sip, but you are the host, and you should keep that in mind.

TIP: Provide just enough alcohol for people to enjoy, but not too much that many overindulge, There is a fine line between a demure corporate dinner and a ‘knees up’ type of event.