Tech and productivity: Creating a harmonious business relationship

There is no doubt that the link between technology and productivity levels needs to be closely managed and maintained in all types of businesses. Technological advances should be working with your employees rather than against them. It is not going to create a positive working environment if your staff are constantly looking over their shoulders worried about being replaced by robots and machines.

In the modern world, businesses are looking closer at ways in which processes can be automated, as well as technical enhancements like the ones that identity access management solutions can bring them, but they are also looking at how they can work alongside their existing members of staff. Here are just a few of the ways in which the links between technology and employee productivity can be forged ever-closer to bring a host of business benefits.

Connecting teams virtually and improving communication

Communication has been improved vastly over the past few years, and this means that members of your team can keep in touch with each other in a variety of different ways. This greater sense of visibility ensures that all members of staff are on the same page and can understand how their individual goals fit into the company objectives as a whole. In turn, this helps to create employees who are energised and engaged – something which is bound to be beneficial to all types of businesses.

Monitor business productivity and employee progress

There are so many more tools out there which are capable of monitoring the performance of your business, and it makes sense to use everything at your disposal. You can track things like the number of people who are logging onto your website, as well as your conversion rates to see how many visitors are being converted into customers. You can also keep better track of how your employees are getting on and making sure that they are sticking to deadlines and completing the tasks that they are being assigned.

Motivate your team

Technology shouldn’t only be used as a way of looking over the shoulders of your employees; it should also be used to motivate your team members as well. If there are factors which are blocking better employee performance, you should be able to identify these easier and get rid of them through better resource allocation and incentives. When you have happy and motivated employees, you are much more likely to have a strong-performing business which is heading the direction that you want it to.

There is no doubt that employees are still the lifeblood of most organisations, and technology should be working with them rather than against them. As you look to embrace modern methods, you should be thinking about how these are going to impact your team. You may well find that it is beneficial to consult with your employees about any new equipment or processes that you are going to implement before doing so.