7 steps to keep your employees happy

The marketplace is competitive and taking steps to keep your employees happy is just as important as running a successful business. If your workforce understands that they are an integral part of your success, they will be loyal and give you the best version of themselves. But how can you keep them happy?

There are many ways to let your employees know you value them and their efforts. Bonuses are one way of saying thank you for a job well done, but waiting for a year to get that extra money is not the only thing you can do to satisfy your employees.

  1. Always be available to your employees

Being there when someone needs to talk to you shows them you care. While running a business, it is essential to notice your employees, and if you see someone not performing up to par, you can be proactive and ask if everything is going well. The bigger the business, the harder it gets to be cognizant of the day to day interactions with employees, but you can train your managers to spot potential problems and address them as soon as possible.

  1. Be flexible with good employees

When your employees have families to take care of, it is essential to give them the flexibility they need, within reason.  If someone is always calling in sick or shows up late, then it’s time to remind them of the company rules. But if you have a hard worker, who always pulls their weight for the team and doesn’t miss a day, then you can afford them flexibility when needed.

  1. Have on-site fitness and basic healthcare

People place great importance on their physical and mental health, so having a fitness center to take a break and exercise can help employees clear their heads when the pressure is on. Offering essential healthcare services are also growing in popularity and allows employees to take control of some of their medical issues without having to leave the premises. If you are a small business offering flexibility for sick days or medical appointments without consequences can also keep employees satisfied.

Don’t skimp on health or dental insurance either. Employees don’t want to pay and arm and a leg to go see a doctor.

“Most employees will take a job with less pay but better insurance benefits these days,” explains Sam Wells of

  1. Provide continuing education and training support

It is essential that your employees stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in their fields. It will not only provide the knowledge they need to do their job, but advancing their career can provide them with growth opportunities. Offering to pay or cover part of their continuing education is an excellent way of showing appreciation for your employees.

  1. Recognize special contributions

Yes, employees are paid to do their job, but when someone goes above and beyond their call of duty, you will want to recognize them particularly. If you have been working on a project for months and the contributions of one or more people in your team made it possible, they should be recognized. You should save this recognition for extraordinary circumstances and when someone shows exceptional leadership in obtaining the set goals.

  1. Consider telecommuting

Every company has specific tasks which do not require an employee to work on-site. You can introduce the option for individual workers to telecommute one or more days a week, depending on their functions. If their job can be performed remotely, you can talk to them and offer the option to work from home. Some companies are 100 percent remote, which is a trend that keeps growing with the advancement of technology and the available tools offered by the Internet.

  1. Offer on-site child care

One of the most significant problems for working parents is what to do with young children who need supervision during working hours. Many new mothers have a difficult time returning to work after the birth of their child. Having on-site child care allows workers to check in on their kids during a break and attend them if necessary, especially when they are very young.

There are many ways a company can take steps to keep employees happy if they remember that their workers are an essential part of their success. Without employees, there is no business. Moreover, there are many companies who are working hard to retain their workforce. Happy employees will bring you success, so don’t forget to take care of them.