How the use of promotional products can help your business grow

Regardless of which industry your business may operate in, brand recognition is a key factor in achieving success in today’s fast-paced, multi-channel business environment.

Although the explosion of online trading in recent years has changed the way many businesses operate on a day to day basis, one thing has remained constant – the need to keep your business name and brand foremost in customers’ minds. Promotional products can help your business grow.

promotional products help business grow

One of the most effective ways of helping your business grow is by the intelligent use of promotional products, such as including a bonus code with your product, like Multi Lotto review.

Secret to successful promotion

While the internet wields extraordinary power and influence over modern-day society, from a business standpoint it is fast becoming an overcrowded marketplace. Making your business stand out above the myriad of others online can sometimes be a thankless task, with online advertising often running the risk of being overlooked, its impact sadly diluted in the process. The secret to successful promotion is ensuring your business stands out above your competitors; the name of your company being the one that customers remember when they require the type of services you provide.

Branded promotional products are the ideal way of achieving this. Research has revealed that promotional products featuring the details of a business or brand can increase the chances of a customer using that business by up to 18%. Additionally, from a business to business standpoint, an organisation that receives promotional products from another business is 55% more likely to consider trading with that company. These eye-opening statistics are a testament to the power of branded promotional products in the marketing arena.

Unlike any other form of advertising, promotional products offer businesses a unique opportunity to keep their name firmly in view of potential customers on an almost constant basis. For example, a good quality pen bearing your company name is likely to be used every day, ensuring your brand is kept firmly in the consciousness of the user. The better the quality of your promotional items pens, the better the impression a potential customer will form of your business. First impressions really do count, particularly in the ultra-competitive business world of today.

Staying power

With so many companies competing for the same business, consumers can now afford to be choosy about who they give their custom to. A company which is seen as open, accessible and friendly by the public is much more likely to win a substantial portion of business than one which seems remote and somewhat aloof. Giving away free promotional products such as pens, mugs, calendars and t-shirts, plants a seed of goodwill in a customer’s mind and helps to form a bond of trust in the process. This is especially important if the business in question has only recently begun trading and has therefore not had the opportunity to build a repeat business base.

Branded promotional products have a staying power which no other form of business advertising can match. By choosing products which consumers are likely to use again and again, you can ensure that your business name is one they will see day after day.