The 6 Components for Estate Agents Work Life Balance

Real estate agents work hard to satisfy their clients. However, they also want to nurture good relationships with their spouses and children by doing things together such as accompanying them to the church and other important events.

Researchers have discovered that people who attend church regularly are happier than people who don’t. Moreover, spending time with family refreshes and energizes people including real estate agents to help them successfully accomplish personal and professional goals.

As Christianity emphasizes more on giving to others; we can experience greater happiness by contributing whatever we can in our capacity to the people we love.

Here are 6 components that can help real estate agents to maintain a good work life balance, brought to you by Sotheby’s real estate:

1. Un-plug yourself

When you are working, you are constantly connected to technology for picking up leads, calling contacts and updating social media content. You will be surprised to know how much you can do by clearing an hour day to unwind or to spend time with your family or loved one.

Go off the grid for an hour at least. Give your mind and body to relax and recuperate. Close your email window or begin your work with the least enjoyable projects that do not require you to use the internet. You can also consume this hour to have a lunch with your kids or an evening activity.

2. Spend time with yourself

Work life balance is not always about spending time with your family or loved ones. It also requires you to reflect on your own emotions, needs and priorities. Real estate agents sacrifice a great deal of personal things to keep their bosses, clients and family happy. Working out alone, going for a jog or hanging out with another colleague or friend helps you to strike a good balance between your work and life.

3. Prioritize the right way

You may have been guilty of neglecting the importance of prioritizing your day to day tasks. Generally, we keep a list by categorizing priorities as numbers. In reality, out basic priorities are all intertwining facets that can be nurtured together.

This is why real estate agents should create tasks that help them to accomplish both personal and professional goals, instead of numbering their activities.

4. Use technology to get organized

If you find yourself stuck between a multitude of tasks to execute; technology comes to the rescue. Delegate, automate and become more organized with the help of mobile apps and tools. There are several methods that help you to use technology in a positive manner, both at work and at home.

You can benefit from innovation and creativity to stay in touch and communicate well with your clients as well as your family without compromising anyone of them.

5. Get pro-social

A pro-social act does not just trigger happiness inside the recipient; it is equally effective for the person as well. When you are in pursuit of happiness without defining what happiness means to you; you end up feeling lost in your personal and professional life.

Ensure you know who can help you the most with your contributions. Donate to a local charity that makes you happy. When you are truly happy from the inside; you want to do more for others and this is an excellent method of taking care of guilt, self pity and a lowered self-confidence.

6. Learn something new

This could be acquiring a new skill or specialty other than your job. It can be something that you have always wanted to do for yourself like playing a musical instrument or something that you can use to help your children, such as arts and crafts.

Final thoughts

A career in real estate often makes it difficult to maintain an ideal work life balance. Agents reveal how challenging it can be to strike a fine balance between keeping clients and their family happy; all at the same time. Not to forget their demanding bosses.

Although 24 hours seems like too little time to take care of everything, you can manage to do more in less time when you become organized by following these 6 of a good work life balance.