Top ten moves to lose weight without leaving your desk

With the summer holidays fast approaching busy office workers who don’t have time to hit the gym can still lose weight and sculpt the perfect beach body thanks to a new workout you can do at your desk.

Fitness savvy employees can burn up to 500 calories during an average working day without leaving their desks and you can even take advantage of the fika casino no deposit while working out.

That means in one week staff can burn 2,500 calories a week, or 130,000 a year- the equivalent of 429 cheeseburgers.

So forget tapping a keyboard or picking up a telephone. Here are the top ten exercises to get office workers moving behind their desks.

  1. Take the stairs

Avoid awkward lift small talk and take the stairs. Not only will it get your heart pumping, but it will tone your leg muscles. To increase the workout, take two steps at a time and walk as fast as you can.

Calories burnt – 34 calories in 10 minutes 

Equivalent to – one hard boiled sweet

  1. Leg raises

Leg raises will work your thighs and quads, and can even be done under your desk. It’s perfect for a discrete workout, and will do wonders for your core stability and posture.

Calories burnt – 70 calories for 10 minutes 

Equivalent to –one scoop of ice cream

  1. Slog and jog

Instead of working for hours nonstop, take a break and stretch your legs by taking a jog on the spot. You can even read through emails whilst jogging at the side of your desk. If you want to really feel the burn, pick up your knees.

Calories burnt – 66 in 10 minutes

Equivalent to – half a packet of cheese and onion crisps

  1. Chair swivels

Use your swivel chair to your advantage by using your core to swivel the chair from side to side. Perform several times throughout the day to tone your oblique muscles in your abdominals.

Calories burnt – 0 this is a toning exercise

  1. Desk dips

Using your desk sit at the edge of a non-rolling chair and dip whilst reading your emails to strengthen your upper body and work your arms.

Calories burnt – 20 calories for 5 minutes

Equivalent to – one mint

  1. Bum clenches

For a more discreet exercise, try squeezing your bum and holding for 5-10 seconds and then repeating. Practising this exercise throughout the day won’t necessarily burn many calories, but the results will be a perfectly toned backside.

Calories burnt – 0 this exercise is for toning

  1. Water bottle curl

Arm curls don’t have to be restricted to lifting heavy weights in the gym, and will even improve your posture whilst strengthening and toning your arms.

Calories burnt – 80 calories per 10 minutes

Equivalent to – one chocolate biscuit

  1. Printer calf raises

When waiting for documents to print, don’t just twiddle your thumbs. Do some calf raises to strengthen the backs of your legs and shoulders and also to tone your calves.

Calories burnt – 34 calories for 10 minutes 

Equivalent to – one square of chocolate

  1. Boardroom lunges

Pacing the boardroom whilst taking an important phone call or taking some time out will burn 85 calories every 15 minutes, which is the same amount as a small latte.

However, to tone your legs, thighs and quadriceps at the same time, perform lunges whilst walking round using tables and chairs to lean on if need be.

Calories burnt – 137 in 15 minutes 

Equivalent to – a small glass of red wine

  1. Arm rolls

Best for combating bingo wings, this exercise will not only help you tone your arms, but add weights such as a bottle of water and you’ll strengthen your biceps too.

Calories burnt – 50 in 20 minutes 

Equivalent to – half a chocolate muffin