The Best Phones For Gamers 2018

Mobile gaming is taking over the world. In the past playing games on a phone brought no excitement whatsoever compared to playing them on PC and console, due to the small screens and bad quality of the games. The games were not optimized for phones and vice versa.

Today, mobile gaming has become so advanced that, statistically speaking, will replace the standard computer gaming in a few years. First of all, this is due to the fact that game developers create games fully mobile-optimized and are focused on providing players with different game options. Although mobile gaming started with simple games like Solitaire Masters and later games like Candy Crush, today you can play more complicated, high-quality games smoothly, fuss-free. Even interactive games are optimized for phones, so you can play 21 online at any time you want, without worrying about the connection, safety or quality of the game.

Secondly, phone software developers are in a competition about who makes the better phone for gaming. That’s why today you have so many phones that will provide you the same, and even better, gaming experience than PC or Xbox. We’ll give you a list of phones that have pure gaming performance, big display and media presentation, and most importantly a huge memory space.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Aside from its elegant look and brilliant features, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is probably the most powerful phone at the moment. You can play any game on it and you will have no issues. This is due to its processing power, provided by Snapdragon 845 and the 6GM of RAM. If you’re more interested in the display than the performance, you will be blown away by this phone’s display. The AMOLED is a state-of-the-art display with Quad HD+ screen, portraying vibrant colors. Plus, you can always plug headphones and play your game listening to the immersive sound effects Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus provides.

iPhone X

If you’re more of an iOS person and you’re not used to Android, we recommend iPhone X as the perfect gaming phone. It has gorgeously designed, with both metal and glass construction, OLED screen providing sharp colors, and a 5.8-inch display making it impossible for you to miss any detail. This is probably the most convenient characteristics for gamers, as well as the A11 Bionic processor, providing impeccable performance, managing to handle the most demanding games. You may be discouraged with the RAM of 3GB, but remember, iOS and Android’s RAM function differently, and you won’t be disappointed in the iPhone X, that’s for sure.

Razer Phone

For all absolute gaming enthusiasts, this is the phone for you. You will get the smoothest performance possible, as this phone was built and designed for gaming purposes from the ground-up. This is, obviously, due to the huge, specially-designed-for-games display. It has a 120Hz screen providing you with a more fluid gameplay than any other phone. Plus, it has front stereo speakers, making the whole gaming experience incomparable. But, if a great camera is a must for you, then you should probably stick with the first two choices we prepared.