5 tips for exceptional internal customer support

You need to have proper customer service to grow, because without a solid customer base, you will not get far. That is reality, but that is only talking about the external customers, and more often than not, many companies forget about the internal customers: their employees.

For a company to work in harmony and deliver efficient results, it is critical to maintain an exceptional internal customer service. If you do not know how to handle it, but are willing to learn about it, then this article is all you need to solve your doubts. Read now and grow further.

1 – Use an internal help desk software

This is the cornerstone of everything, because it will make internal support a much easier and more efficient process. Technology is here to help you, and hence, it is important to put it to good use.

The market is abundant in help desk software solutions, but our recommendations for you is Kayako, because it is efficient, easy to use and includes all the options you need to run a successful internal help desk. As it simplifies processes, you can handle more in less time. Simple and effective, the perfect combo.

For example, it allows you to set up an internal Knowledge Base, which is perfect for delivering fast answers and decongesting other support channels. With many KB software it is complicate to set it up properly, but Kayako makes it very easy to do. Your internal customer service team will have an easy time doing it.

In summary, you must have it. It will make everything a lot easier to handle, and you will save a significant amount of time and resources.

2 – Face-to-face and phone beat e-mail

When you need to talk about serious matters, e-mail will not cut it. You need to talk face-to-face, or in the worst of cases, by phone. You need to bring your employees these options, so they can make use of them when necessary.

Furthermore, you can make a group of requests that can be addresses face-to-face. This will also help to keep other support channels flowing evenly and optimally. This will also boost confidence in your company and put you as a strong leader, which is what you need to succeed. Modern times require of decisive and stark leaders. Be one.

3 – Teammates must know each other

Something as simple as lunches with other teammates can do wonders for improving relationships in the workplace. This will have a direct effect in your internal customer service, because when people know each other better, it is easier to interact and solve issues quickly.

You can take it one notch higher and invest into team building activities. They work very well for training soft skills and improving communication, which again, will be beneficial for improving internal customer support.

4 – Make your team members feel valued

Another great way to improve communication and internal customer support, because when team members feel valued and appreciated, they will do a better job, and that includes the team assigned for this task.

Furthermore, when people feel valued and confident, it will be easier for them to communicate their problems, and thereby it will be easier to solve them. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Again, team building and corporate training would come in handy here.

5 – Build a team for internal support

It is critical to have a specialized team for this department. Here are the roles that you must assign:

  1. A skilled content checker
  2. A creative brainstormer
  3. An analyst
  4. A networker
  5. A proofreader.

Of course, you will also need agents for providing direct support, but in a general perspective, you need to find people for these roles to achieve optimal results.

Closing thoughts

Now you have a good foundation on what to do to improve your internal customer support. Your employees deserve it, and ultimately, it will end up benefiting the external customer service, because if your teammates are well-informed, they can work without problems.

If you have questions or doubts – or you simply want to share your views – just leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.