How artificial intelligence helps sales

Artificial intelligence technology is already being implemented in businesses around the world because of the many benefits it provides.

Businesses are booming thanks to technological advancements. Technology makes things easy for everyone involved.

Let’s consider artificial intelligence. It involves the use of intelligent and creative machines and programs that can solve problems, follow programmed decisions and even do tasks that are typically performed by humans.

The difference is that AI can do it without batting an eyelid. This not only saves time but improves accuracy too, thus increased sales.

AI is being used in many areas including websites, software, processes, machines and whatnot.

Let’s get to know how AI works:


According to Mckinsey Global Institute, about 40% of tasks performed by a salesperson can be automated using AI. This can be done by integrating AI technology into CRM databases, B2B apps, salesforce softwares and many other departs too.

More leads

As per a Harvard Business Review Study, businesses can see a 50% increase in successful leads with the help of AI.

Software can help differentiate between good leads and bad leads. Good leads are basically potential clients that have a high chance of turning into clients. On the other hand, bad leads are clients that will most probably not make a purchase, so why waste time and energy on bad clients when you can use it all on good clients?

This does not only help businesses make more sales, but also eliminates the need for businesses to attract targets by turning to sales kickoff agenda and giving discounts.

Moreover, these leads are accurate, therefore, little to no time is wasted on useless leads.

Make the right predictions

If you have ever shopped online, you must have noticed the suggestions or recommendations section. Big stores like Amazon and even Netflix have these sections. Did you ever wonder how they are able to guess what you’d be interested in? This is all due to AI.

This is done by recognizing buying pattern of a customers and showing related products in suggestions. Netflix works the same way. If you watch a lot of thrillers, you will see some high rated thrilled in your suggestion section.

This can help businesses make more sales and help buyers find what they need. So it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Boosts productivity

Businesses work to increase productivity, but it is not always possible due to a limited number of hours and human capital. However, with the help of technology, you can easily get more in less time.

For example, AI can be used to analyze data and perform tasks such as sending emails to clients and even responding to customer queries.

This helps businesses cater to customers in a better manner. In fact, many online stores now use AI technology or bots to respond to customer questions on live chat. This helps customers get what they need without any worries while businesses get to serve clients 24/7.

AI is gradually taking over businesses. If you haven’t implemented it already, it is time to make that jump.