How VPNs can aid digital marketers?

Internet security has been a trending topic for a few years already, and the discussions didn’t slip away without the consequences. According to various statistics, the usage of VPNs and other data protection services have significantly increased over the last couple of years and data leaking scandals as Cambridge Analytica make people even more concerned about their data privacy.

The topic regarding VPNs’ advantages may seem a bit exhausted and covered enough, but some of its potential benefits such as the effect on digital marketing requires further discussion.

But let’s talk VPN first. In brief, a Virtual Private Network redirects your Internet traffic through a specific VPN server, hides your IP address and encrypts all the sent and received data. It is considered one of the most reliable ways to keep your data protected from malicious cyber threats.

Today not only large corporations have started to raise their data security standards using VPNs for business, but also casual Internet users. You, as a digital marketer, analyzing data and user behavior, may consider if VPNs have any particular impact on your work and, if so, how these changes can influence your everyday work?

So let’s dig deeper and find out what VPNs can do for you.

Be one (or even a few!) steps ahead of your competitors

While working in digital marketing, keeping an eye on your competitors’ action is crucial. It helps to check how others are targeting their audiences, what strategies and tactics they use and what their next steps may be. However, you might face some difficulties trying to find out the specific operations of your competitors: ads may be personalized, so the ones shown to you might differ from those seen by other potential or current customers.

Analyzing how competitors promote their products or services in different cities could become another struggle. In the end, you can even get banned by your rivals after they check the IP address and find out that it belongs to your company. Nobody wants that, right? That’s where VPNs tailored for businesses may come to the rescue. It can help you overcome these issues quickly and make your analysis way smoother and more accurate. This way, taking into consideration all the information gathered, you can improve your existing marketing plan and become an industry hero.

Improve your SEO rankings

Digital marketers working on market research and SEO-related tasks usually need to check out how high or low some specific keywords are performing in Google search results while browsing from different locations. Surely there are some tools which may help to do that. However, the accuracy may not be so reliable as we would want it to be. A VPN is equipped with a possibility to change your IP address by the country you need to analyze ensuring the reliability of results.

Google Search is also associated with a browser cookie record which means that every user gets personalized search results. That’s why a VPN is a great help. When your IP changes and Google sees that different people use that same address, it no longer shows highly personalized results. It helps to see more objective data and analyze customer’s demands more accurately.

No more restrictions for link building process

Are you working on advertising your client’s services or products or maybe your own business? If so, probably link building is the marketing you are interested in. However, most sites limit the number of links from one profile to only a few links, and, in turn, crash the link building process to different websites. If you try creating separate accounts, you will most likely get blocked. Here come VPN services changing or hiding your IP address. This way you will not be tracked down, and your link building process will become way smoother.

VPNs may be a great help for every digital marketer who works hard on analyzing competitors’ marketing strategies, users, and their behavior: keywords they use in different countries and ads they react to. Usage of VPNs may benefit businesses not only by making marketing-related tasks way easier and more accurate but also ensuring the whole company’s data security.