Is tea or coffee more beneficial for productivity?

Our two favourite hot drinks are in serious competition for the top place in the market, but many of us love both of them.

Whilst it’s common practice to enjoy a tea or coffee over a lazy morning or a catch up with a friend, Brits love our hot drinks in the workplace too. As well as adding the social element, we’re pretty convinced they boost our productivity, but which one performs better in this sense?

tea and coffeeEnergy

If we’re talking strictly caffeine levels, then a mug of coffee will serve you better than a cup of tea. Whilst tea has a higher caffeine content per gram, we use many more grams of coffee in a serving than we do of tea, which is why coffee famously boosts energy levels and keeps us going through long hours. This is probably also the reason many employers install commercial coffee machines in the workplace, they want their employees to be awake and alert to produce good work, and plenty of it!

Personal preference

Of course, if the taste of coffee makes you feel queasy, it’s unlikely to help you by way of productivity, and in any case it’s probably not worth the bother. As with most things, different people respond in different ways, so if you love a good cuppa and you’re convinced it gives you a boost, let yourself believe it and continue as normal!

It has also been noted that preference differs between age groups, whilst millennials are typically avid coffee drinkers, the older generation are more than satisfied with a pot of tea.

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Time of day

Depending on whether or not you’re a morning person, you may not be able to leave the house without your coffee fix, or that may be a little too much first thing, and perhaps you’d rather wait until mid-morning. Many people try to avoid drinking coffee in the late afternoon for fear the caffeine will keep them awake at night, and if you’ve only got an hour or two of work left to get through, a cup of tea may be more than sufficient.

Types of tea

So far, we’ve been concerned with typical English Breakfast tea, but there are countless varieties of tea out there which may suit you better. Black, Oolong, White, Jasmine and Green teas all have a relatively high caffeine content, so if you want the caffeine without the coffee, why not experiment and find a tea that fits the bill.

The answer to whether tea or coffee is more beneficial for productivity will be different for individuals, so take into account the factors discussed above and try different things, then make sure you have a plentiful supply in your workplace!