Modern marketing – Challenges and opportunities

Marketing, promoting and advertising are essential for any business or organisation to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Online marketing has brought many opportunities, allowing brands to reach more peoples than ever before.

Just as it has presented opportunities, online marketing has produced unique challenges from marketing experts too.

Do you really understand what the vast subject of online marketing is really all about?

Is online marketing just about selling?

Marketing and advertising at one time was about one thing – bringing in more customers and enticing repeat custom.

But today, marketing has another string to its bow and it comes in the shape of listening to customers.

With this in mind, do you really know your pay-per-click from your organic growth? How do you bring out search engine optimisation?

The marketing budget

As well as a deeper understanding of modern day marketing, experts also need to understand what they are spending their marketing budgets on and why. The return on investment needs to be higher than the amount spent on creating the marketing campaign in order for it to be a success.

Whilst you shouldn’t base your marketing spend on what your competitors are doing, it can be helpful in working out where your modern day consumers are at.

How marketing budgets are allocated now and how brands plan on funding online marketing campaigns in the future can give us a hint of where future online marketing trends will lay.

Undoubtedly, online marketing needs to be back by a strong, well-researched strategy and for that, you need a deeper understanding of not just modern online marketing but the underlying principles of marketing too.

Become a marketing expert

There is much more to online marketing than scheduling a few tweets and updates or creating a pay-per-click ad.

Online marketing courses available from NCC Home Learning examine in considerable depth marketing principles and how the digital era has revolutionised how marketing is delivered.

So why not become a marketing expert, studying in your own time, at your own and in a space where you feel most comfortable?