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Cisco Spark and WebEx merge

Back in April Cisco made the decision to merge its Cisco Spark and WebEx platforms into one all round service. While this may have surprised many it was a move that made sense to many, as it allows Cisco to focus all their efforts into making one unified communications platform.

Previously they’d have two different versions of meeting platforms, which seemed counter intuitive. Now the new, Cisco WebEx Teams aims to take a ‘video first’ approach, encouraging users to turn on their camera.

Kinly take a look at this merge of Spark and WebEx and what it means for the future of video conferencing.

WebEx features

Just like Spark and WebEx features, WebEx Teams merges all of these features into one, streamlined platform. Giving you access to all of these features, without having to go through the lengthy process of utilising both previous services.

With one shared platform, one shared UI and now a shared name, its now transformed into unmatched end-to-end collaboration.

The platform allows you to chat, meet, use their collaborate and innovative whiteboard, share files and schedule multiple meetings. With a single tap, all these features are available to you, and that lengthy, important meeting is easy to setup, ready to go for when your clients/customers join.

WebEx process

Setting up a WebEx Teams meeting couldn’t be simpler, with a tap of a button it’s all setup. Dropping and sharing files/documents can be dragged in for all users to see and interact with. There’s no downloads, plugins or dial-ups, you’re ready whenever you choose to be.

During the meeting has been hugely improved too, everyone, on any device is able to connect straight to WebEx Teams and enjoy a smooth and collaborative meeting. Every experience, on whatever device you choose, has excellent visual and audio, with cameras automatically framing everyone into the picture, with speaker focus allowing them to take prime seat. Nothing is worse than being a big meeting and being out of shot of the camera as you’re trying to put your point across. WebEx Teams ensures this isn’t the case, along with distracting noises being detectable and muted, it allows everyone to have a pleasurable experience wherever in the world they may be. This is what every meeting should be like, nobody likes to waste their time, especially when you have work to do!

After the meeting has been completed, everything shared and worked on in WebEx Teams is saved there for future collaboration. Allowing users to come in, conduct their work and it’s saved in the cloud for future use. Team projects aren’t affected by having to be in the same room to get work done, wherever you may be, you can be up-to-date on the project.

WebEx future

The WebEx Team future is very bright at this point, with their design process funnelled into one platform, new features and services will be added and improved as the months go on. As customers we only gain from this development, as they strive to improve their collaboration service in every update, with smoother connections, cloud services and 24/7 support.

Get in touch with a provider of these flexible and secure visual collaboration solutions, such as Kinly, today and see if they can improve your meetings solution!