How to extract multiple invoices to a single file (CSV)? [Attached free invoice templates]

You can easily extract data from multiple invoices into a single file and make your accounting and bookkeeping duties efficient, easy and fast. With a feature-rich tool such as PDFelement making the most of PDF and scanned financial documents is rapid and assured.

Easy extraction of multiple invoices into a single CSV file

The process is quite easy and straightforward and takes you a very short time.

  • 1 – Begin by uploading the scanned PDF file into PDFelement. You can actually drag the PDF file and drop it into the open workstream.

  • 2 – Once you’ve the file added into the workstream go to the top of the page and click Form. After clicking Form a toolbar opens up. Click the button for Data Extraction from the toolbar.

  • 3 – Data Extraction dialogue box will open up showing two choices (Extract data from PDF form fields and Extract data from marked PDF). Choose one of the modes and click Next.
  • With PDFelement you can actually extract information from any type of PDF file, including both non-scanned and scanned PDF documents. If you have the scanned file, you need to choose Extract data from marked PDF.

  • 4 – Start creating a template by tracing all the areas you would like PDFelement to recognize as form fields through your mouse. Towards the menu on the right do select unique properties matching the text fields. PDFelement will easily extract data from all these fields into a spreadsheet. For this example lets say we’re extracting quantity as the screenshot shows. Fields are thus selected and titled Quantity, Quantity 1 and Quantity 2. Do go ahead and do the same and extract all the different field content you need.

  • 5 – Once the form fields tracing process is over do save the template by clicking Save Setting and choose a unique name you can easily remember for future retrieval and use of the template. Note that in this instance in Save Setting, we have saved template as Sanned Invoice meaning that next time if the same type of invoice layout is required extracting data will be simple and fast since no field will need to be selected; the template will be applied immediately to the scanned new invoice.

  • 6 – After you’re done with the saving go on the top of the document again and click Yes to the question that appears (Did you finish marking up the document for data extraction?).
  • In this sample we’ll be extracting similar fields from three sample scanned files. So we don’t need to name any specified field but to select ‘sanned invoice’ and make use of the ‘sanned invoice’ saved template on all the files as shown in the following screenshot. All fields marked and selected as needed will be extracted as required.

  • Do complete the process by answering Yes to the question on top of the page to the effect that Did you finish marking up the document data extraction? It’s that easy.

  • Immediately the Batch Process dialogue box will open up. Click the Add Files link on the top of the dialogue box and then add as many identical scanned invoices or other scanned PDF documents to the template from your computer as much as you want. You can also select all of them and drag and drop them into the PDFelement open window.

  • 7 – Start button should be highlighted once you’ve dragged or added all the needed files (see above screenshot). Click Start to commence the extraction of all the data into one CSV file. Add a unique name to the CSV file and click Save to store it to the folder that you want. After clicking Save, the extraction process will begin with the progress being shown until it’s successfully done.
  • 8 – Once the extraction process is over, the Finished button will appear. Click it and access your CSV file. Verify and use the data as you intended right away.


The steps might seem many but actually very short and fast that it takes seconds to a few minutes to execute the whole exercise. Now you can have the professional invoice template for free via the access.

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