What to do to get maximum publicity for a new business?

If you’re starting a new business, one of the most important things you’ll want to focus on to begin with is, how you’re going to get maximum publicity. Getting as much publicity for your business as possible will help you to get customers, site visitors, regular traffic, and more. You can’t expect people to want to work with you if they don’t know that you’re there!

So, how can you go about getting as much publicity for your new business as possible? Read on to find out…


Know how to use social media

Social media is one of the best and most cost effective ways to get publicity for your business these days. All businesses should be using social media, and if they’re not, they’re missing out on huge opportunities and exposure!

Knowing how to use it is key. You need to know who your audience are so you know what platforms to find them on, you also need to know the right times to post, what to post for each audience, how often to post – a lot goes into it, but you can get amazing results.

Win awards

Write an award entry that you feel you deserve and see what happens. You can look into things like the New UK business tech awards, for instance. Do your homework, make sure you practice telling your business story, and think about images and things that can support what you’re saying. Once you’re done, don’t be hasty. Make sure you think about anything that could be improved before you send it off. If you narrowly miss a place, what will you wish you could have done better?

Write press releases

Writing press releases can be a great way to share news about your business. What’s newsworthy in your business that you can share? Press releases shared on great websites can help you to get lots of attention.

Be as different as you can possibly be

Make sure you set yourself apart from others in your industry and direct competitors. You may not be a completely unique business, but you can make sure you’re different. Can you be the biggest, the smallest, or something else that sets you apart?

Create amazing content

Make sure your business is creating amazing content regularly designed to provide value to your audience. You can make videos, write blog posts, and create other types of content that will make people come back to you in the future. You should even be able to get shares and improve your publicity this way.

Speak at an industry event

Have a good story to tell? Speak at an industry event! It can be scary, but if you practice and say something valuable, you could make people remember you.

Get involved with a local charity

Working with charities is a great way to become known in your local community. You could even feature in the newspaper. This is a great idea for small, local businesses.

Ready to get as much publicity for your new business as possible?