Bitcoin’s latest development garners mixed reactions

Cryptocurrency is one of the more intriguing yet seemingly successful forms of financial developments of the digital age. Bitcoin alone has gotten a huge reception from people since it came into recognition nine years ago, many of whom have claimed to have earned significant amounts from their investments.

Rightfully, cryptocurrency has continued to evolve, and Bitcoin is no longer the lone player in the market. However, it does remain to be the first name that comes to people’s minds whenever cryptocurrency is mentioned, and through the years, it has come up with major developments to improve its value and service.

One of the latest ones is the Bitcoin Trader described as an “efficient crypto robot” that gives every one of its member’s unlimited access to all financial markets to boost their chances for success in this venture of online trading. The most interesting part of it is actually free of charge.

However, there are mixed reactions about this new development, with more people questioning its legitimacy, but through this article, we hope to inform you about its pros and cons, and how this software may affect cryptocurrency itself.

How it works

This piece of software was originally intended to gauge how volatile the market is. As it prides itself on its 99.4% accuracy rate, people are attracted to the idea that their money could grow a lot easier and faster through just a handful of trades.

Since Bitcoin is essentially the founder of cryptocurrency as a new concept of finance, the creators of the Bitcoin Trader have also been claiming that this software is backed up with the most advanced algorithm available today, which is “0.01 seconds ahead” of everyone else. This benefits its members, who can enter some of the best trades at the right minute, which in turn, further builds up the software as reliable and consistent to use.

The “scam” allegations

Like how Bitcoin was initially bombarded with skepticism due to its new and unorthodox concept when it was first introduced, this software has been received the same way. Many people are questioning how more and more Bitcoin-related scams are popping up, and one of the main reasons for this one is how the tool boasts of its “99.4 percent accuracy rate.”

Those who throw such questions argue that having this type of success rate would immediately create more millionaires. Many people in the cryptocurrency business are also not sold on how it is presented through a mere sales funnel page that provides no further explanation about the product.

The other side of the coin

On the flip side, there are also those who defend this piece of software, as they remain assured about its legitimacy. Those in this position would simply argue that the tool does work and it has made other people a lot of money through the advancements it can provide.

Just like the promise of financial freedom that affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM) pushes forward, many are convinced this software can help them achieve their goals of monetary stability.


Many people have indeed made money off cryptocurrency through Bitcoin. But ultimately, people should still do their due diligence, given how relatively new this concept is, as it has yet to establish itself as a reliable form of finance.