8 secrets that will make users love your app

Creating an app is a great way to make some money, continue growing a business, or simply put something you love out into the world. However, if you’re going to build an app that people are actually going to use, you need to make sure you know a few secrets that will make users love it.

Studies have shown that the average mobile app loses around 77% of its daily users within the first 3 days after they install it. Within a month, 90% of people have dropped off. People continue to stop using it in the next 90 days, until only 5% of the original app users are left.

If you don’t want to be the developer of a failed app, then pay attention to the following steps.

  1. Use user feedback to your advantage

User feedback can be a life saver. You need to make sure you do enough testing and gain feedback so you can make your app the best it can be. Don’t delay acquiring your feedback until after launch. Feedback from friends, family and potential users can all help, so get as much as you can right from the start!

  1. A/B test your app earlier on

If you A/B test too late, you run the risk of needing to make expensive fixes later on. Your success will depend on how quickly you can learn and make decisions, and you’ll be able to make better decisions when you learn about your product by experimenting. A/B test as early on as possible to create the best app imaginable.

  1. Redesign your onboarding

If you want high levels of retention for your app, you need to make sure that as soon as users download your app and sign up, they get accustomed to using the app. They also need to know that your app offers something valuable. User onboarding is probably the most important aspect of growth and retention. What’s the point in getting lots of traffic if you’re not successfully onboarding users? You will lose them quickly, and you’ll be wasting your efforts.

  1. Put your focus on the product

Focus on the product, not marketing for the app. This will ensure you’re actually offering your audience something of value, and you’ll be able to build and sustain your customer base now and in the future.

  1. Build your app with making people feel good in mind

All of the best iOS developers know that they need to build their app with making people feel good in mind. You can appeal to people in numerous ways. Here’s an idea:

  • Give your users power/fame/influence – this appeals to their sense of pride.
  • Give your users the opportunity to meet the opposite sex – this appeals to lust.
  • Help people pass the time – people just love to procrastinate.
  • Allow people to easily find information they want – appeal to their curious nature.

If you can include multiple of the above, you will appeal to the psychology of your users and satisfy the needs that the majority of people have in this day and age.

  1. Make your content shareable

If your content is shared, you’re going to increase your reach. One way to get people to share your content is to offer incentives or rewards, but you should always focus on creating content that is valuable, helpful, humorous, or simply worthy of being shared in some other way. Put yourself into the shoes of the user and think about whether they will want to share your content and why.

  1. Work on customer retention

To retain users, you need to have retention schemes to keep on bringing them back for more.  

You can use cleverly timed app notifications to bring them back, but you need to be smart about when you send these. Email marketing is another tactic, as well as competitions. How can you encourage users to come back when they haven’t used the application in a while?

  1. Find your niche

Work on finding your niche so you can add value to people interested in that niche. How will the app satisfy their needs? Consider who your audience is, what they need, and what excites them. Know your audience as much as you can. If your app idea doesn’t solve a problem for them, offer entertainment, or add value in any way, then it’s impossible to make people love it and want to use it again and again. You can also work on ways to create a community with your app; people love to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.