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What are the new features of Google AdWords?

Google AdWords has had a major change! Other than the obvious name change (from Google AdWords to a simple “Google Ads”) it has also undergone changes to the UI (User Interface) and so many more advanced features. Many companies in the digital marketing industry have been using it since Google announced that they are stopping the old UI service, and we think there are some really useful new features!

The most helpful part of the new Google AdWords interface is the “Go To” feature where you can navigate to anywhere within Google to anywhere within Google Ads with a few simple key shortcuts! Pages like “Campaigns” and “Ad Groups” are frequently visited, this has been recognised by Google and why there are now some handy shortcuts that help you navigate around the site even faster. A very simple and quick shortcut, especially when pressed for time, or simply impatient.

Not only is this convenient but it’s also great to not waste your time and make your work process time twice as fast. All you have to do is press “G” then “T” and type the word of the page you are searching for, for example “conversion”, and it takes you straight to the Conversions page!

To give you a little show of the shortcuts, as it may take a little time to adjust and remember these shortcuts, here are a few of the most frequently used shortcuts:

  • G -> C: Campaigns
  • G -> J: Ad Groups
  • G -> A: Ads
  • G -> K: Keywords
  • G -> X: Extensions
  • G -> S: Setting
  • G -> Y: Recommendation
  • G -> O: Overview
  • G -> F: Full screen

The biggest change a lot of people are enjoying is the new “Ads Previews” feature. What you see on Ads previews are not necessarily what searchers see on the search result on desktop and mobile, but it gives an idea of what the Ads might look like with ad extensions so that we, the marketers, can continue to make ads more advanced and successful. The “Overview” tab is very handy too. It provides general information via visualised data about how the campaigns are running, and you can choose the date range and what metrics you wish to see so it’s easily customisable. It is easier to grasp the information than it was with Google AdWords because the data has helpfully been visualised and made clearer with map, chart, and graphs.

The only thing we’re not too keen on about the new UI is that they make recommendations for you in regard to improving account performance; almost forcibly. This, combined with the sometimes chunky and intense amount of information felt a little overwhelming before, however with more and more updates the interface will become easier once you have been getting used to it. We hope you enjoy!

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