Experience Zurich through affordable luxury accomodation

Zurich is the city that possesses a strange kind of authority; yes, it immediately passes the eye test, being the affluent, luxurious place it is, but even from afar it assumes authority that is well earned. Most people think of it as the Swiss’ capital. While Berne holds this distinction, Zurich can rightfully claim to be the unofficial capital of culture and academia of the country, among other distinctions.

It is one of the country’s business centers, and its population is cosmopolitan – there are many business travellers brokering a deal or tourists enjoying its sights, and all these people are in search of quality accommodation. While there is no shortage of luxury apartments and hotels in Zurich, companies and individuals are always on the lookout when it comes to slashing the costs while simultaneously upholding the quality of service. Custom fit VISIONAPARTMENTS answer to the whims of the marketplace.

Experience a mix of culture, hiking and sailing

Switzerland has four official languages, but it is a running joke that the language of business is the one most readily understood. More than fifty museums exist in the city, along with a world-famous opera house, and if that amount of culture proves to be too much to take at once, a person can enjoy a sailing tour on the waters of Lake Zurich. Yachting is an important part of the city’s identity, and numerous elegant vessels are lined up along the shore.

The old town of Zurich is a stroll through the ages, and on the numerous old churches you can see how romanesque architecture welcomed the gothic, and how baroque elements got added to the mix. It is best to experience it up close, but afterwards you can take a hike up the Uetliberg mountain and put the entire place into perspective; there’s also some top of the line – and pricey – ice cream to be tasted at the summit.

Repurposing the industrial district

The posh urban area of Zurich West used to serve as the industrial quarter; now it’s bustling with trendy restaurants, hip rooftop bars and luxurious condominiums. It is a classic example of gentrification and a go-to choice for an army of business professionals, tourists and students living in the city. Its eclecticism is infectious, and creates the need to explore every nook and cranny of the place.

Sign of the times

All these aspects of Zurich represent an answer to the needs of their era – the need for both comfort and luxury. Tradition has maintained them, while forward thinking did not neglect to subtly modernize them, which is just what this new take on the old formula aims to do.

The city itself represents a highly concentrated version of the country, with all readily recognizable traits that can be found in each of its cantons. And Zurich’s serviced apartments niche understood how the Internet era brought upon a change of pace in the world of business, and how every market aspect needs to find a new formula in order to adapt, stay marketable, and profit.