Business profile: Fashion design brand, Sargossa

Our business profile focuses on Sargossa, a designer fashion brand which is changing the way women wear stilettos and footwear across the world.

Whilst the company is based in London, England, the creator Nanna Liv is originally from Denmark and she spent two-and-a-half years understanding how shoes are made and function. The result? A highly fashionable range of designer footwear, claiming to be the most comfortable on the market.

“Why should women be limping at the end of the evening?” explains Nanna. With over 50 styles available, each pair consists of a super spongy insole to add an enormous amount of comfort as well as being designed around the base of a woman’s actual foot, plus a delicate design to make it catwalk worthy. The spongy insole is currently patent pending.

“The days of no pain, no gain is over” she continues. “We want to offer women across the world the opportunity to wear delicate designer stilettos without having to compromise on the comfort. We believe that all women’s feet deserve the right to well-crafted footwear made for comfort and the shape of the foot itself. We aim to grow our brand globally via our online presence and in co-operation with our stockists, and hopefully with own branded stores in the near future.”

The stiletto range from Sargossa includes those purposely for the workplace, gold, black, platform, pumps and more. Sargossa products can be found online or purchased in store in over 65 stories across 8 countries worldwide. The website can be found at