How to make a good impression at a first job interview

As with anything in life, the start or the beginning is always crucial. When you start a business, for example, you need to do your research well, understand what the business needs, and know how what challenges you should expect.

The start often determines how the ending and the middle will be. If you are, for example, looking for investors, it will take the first word out of your mouth or your appearance or your time of arrival or your dressing for the potential investor to make a decision. Some will write you off if you arrive late while others will consider your mode of dressing and decide to agree or say no to your proposal.

First impressions are key and they often make or break deals. Therefore, while preparing for an interview, it is crucial that you impress your potential boss with the firsts. The firsts include your dressing, your humility, your choice of words, your arrival time, and your ability to focus on the essentials.

You do not need to spend hours querying the internet and looking for answers on how to have a great job interview. All you need to do is focus on the essentials that we will highlight in this article. Below, therefore, are some tips which experts from recommend.

Useful tips on how to impress potential boss

  • Be humble – People say that being nice to others will not cost you a dime. Well, this is true and if you want that job, you need to embrace humility. Humility means that you be nice to people, that you be polite, and that you say hi to the receptionist. Humility is a lot of things and it can earn you a spot in your preferred place of work. Always remember to be nice to the attendants at the front desk, for example. The truth is, you never know who is watching and the right or wrong person could be watching you. Therefore, embrace humility at all times.
  • Present yourself as a neat individual – Would you want to hire someone who does not know the first thing about organizing themselves? If you look at all examples or tips on how to do good in an interview, you will find that being neat is near the top of the list. No one will want to hire you if you do not know where your documents are or how to access them. Therefore, arrange your things including documents and certificates and make sure everything you need for the interview is available and accessible. This way you will make your potential boss happy.
  • Show up on time – Time is of essence on any job interview. Your first interview test is your punctuality. This because the panel also does not want to hire a person who does not keep time. It also helps you get acquainted and settled for your interview. Imagine rushing in and you are all sweaty and not even sure where you have kept your stuff. Such a show is likely to disqualify you before you even face the panel. Thus, show up on time to have your stuff ready and if the panel decides to lock out latecomers, you will not be affected. The panel can also decide to queue candidates you as per their arrival time. Early arrival also gives you enough time to organize your documents well. You can also network with other candidates or employees at the organization. Networking can help you land the next job if you miss this one.
  • Dress the part – The way you dress is very important for your first impression at a job interview. It ‘communicates’ who you are before you even utter a word. You need to be smart for the interview because humans are visual. A panelist can like you from your dressing which can improve your prospects of you landing the job. Your papers cannot land you a job alone in the job market today which is flooded. The interviewers now look for those who stand out and dressing is a factor to consider. Studies show interviewers trust and are more likely to hire a smartly dressed person over those who are casually dressed. Therefore, for a good interview, groom yourself and dress for the occasion.
  • Put your phone away – You have must have seen notices prohibiting the use of mobile phones in many places such as banks. These signs have been erected to warn and or notify the people of responsible and appropriate mobile phones. Mobile phones affect sour concentration and focus on the environment. Make sure you put your phone away because it sends the wrong message about your character. It would be a deal breaker if a panelist or interviewer noticed you are not paying attention to him/her and you have hunched over your phone. Therefore, an interview situation you need all the alertness you can afford and you may have to put your phone away to afford this. Do not let your phone reduce your prospects of getting the job. Whatever it is you have to check on your phone, it can wait till you are through with your interview.


I know most of the aforementioned tips for nailing a job interview may sound ridiculous but you have to do them to get the job. You don’t have to repeat them daily when you land the job. Therefore, for any job interview, be your best version of yourself.