How smart people use YouTube

YouTube has changed the game when it comes to video content. The video platform has created wide awareness among people on a variety of topics, empowering them with knowledge of all that can be possibly achieved.

Their intuitive interface has also played a big role in gathering the large audience base that the platform enjoys today. By giving users the content they want in a seamless manner, YouTube has cemented itself at the center stage of today’s social media landscape.

YouTubeAs video content is becoming the most favored medium for communication online, YouTube occupies an important place in time. We can even predict that it may play the role of a major catalyst in the future’s major events. However, there are still some people who haven’t caught up with the phenomenon yet and don’t know the best ways to use YouTube.

From smartly using YouTube’s own features to trying other programs for offline streaming, here are some of the best methods of using YouTube that are used by smart people who watch and create online videos.

Create a GIF

Creating a GIF from a YouTube video isn’t as hard as what it has been made out to be. All you need to do is add the word “gif” before the domain name. The link should now read as,[your-video-tag]. This link will send you to, where your video will already be uploaded for you to flex your creativity. Use the cut and frame features to streamline your selection to just get the frames that you want in your animation and generate the GIF that you want.

Link for YouTube video that starts at certain time

Gone are the days when you had to send a YouTube link to someone, and direct them to the time-code they should go to. Instead, you can add the minute mark into the link and start the video from that specific point.

So, if you want to direct people to a particular dance sequence in the music video for Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, you don’t have to tell them to manually scroll to the minute mark. Instead, you can send them the video’s link starting from the exact dance sequence you mentioned. Click here to see what we mean.

Add an end screen

While many consider YouTube as just a website where people stream video content, it is also a community for content creators and influencers who add content online. You might have seen many of your favorite channels ending their videos with fancy closing screens. Similarly, you can also add an end screen by going to your video manager and utilizing dedicated options there.

Tap edit at the video and select the option for ‘End Screen and Animations’ from the drop-down menu. Use this menu to add an end screen of your choice. Have it properly edited for best impact.

Capture screen

Many smart YouTube users capture screen online to watch YouTube videos while being offline. This is a good way to save Internet costs and increase feasibility. Just download Movavi’s Screen Recorder Windows and capture video and audio content for offline playback.

The recording process is simple and easy. Movavi’s easy-to-understand interface will guide you through the process. Open the online video of your choice, and extend the frame to cover the area. Once done, start the recording and record as much as you want. Once recorded, use the software for some minor cuts and crops and then save it on your hard disk as a video file in the format of your choice.