Insurance & buying options for business fleets

For many businesses in a wide range of industries, it is important that they have a fleet of automobiles that they can rely on each day. Whether this is to deliver goods, visit customers or simply for employees to get from A to B, this will always be a huge investment and there are many aspects to consider.

Finding suitable vehicles

When purchasing a small fleet, one of the most important aspects to consider is identifying suitable vehicles. They will need to be fit for purpose, but you will also need them to be safe, reliable and economical to keep the running costs down. Many businesses like to lease their fleet as it provides them with the opportunity to upgrade every few years, but keep in mind that there may be mile limitations and you will be unable to make any modifications.

Business car insurance

Another key area to consider is insurance. Your standard car insurance policy will cover a vehicle for commuting, but if it is used for business purposes then it is important that you take out business car insurance. If you have a vehicle that is used for deliveries or as a taxi you will need commercial car insurance.


Business car insurance can be more expensive than standard motor insurance because the motorist will be spending more time on the roads than most other motorists. This, plus the fact that the trips may be during peak times and to unfamiliar places, means that the motorist is a higher risk.

Finding affordable cover

One of the best ways to find affordable insurance when shopping for a vehicle is to visit a reputable dealership like Unbeatablecar. Often car sales services enable the user to search by lowest insurance price so you can easily find vehicles that will be more affordable to insure. These vehicles are usually economic too so you could also keep running costs down too. In addition to business car insurance, you may also want to consider GAP insurance to protect your investment in case one of the vehicles were to be written off.

For businesses that have a small fleet, you will always want to take your time when selecting vehicles and taking out insurance. It can be an enormous expense, but equally you will need to find suitable vehicles and think about how they will be used. Insurance can be a major expense but there are always ways that you can bring the cost down whilst still having a reliable fleet of automobiles.