The pros and cons of essay writing services

These days, students find it tricky to write their essays and assignments. Many of them manage time for this purpose as they are afraid of outsourcing their projects, while the others claim that they cannot write their papers due to the lack of time.

Whether you check some essay samples on or not, you are sometimes required to get your projects done by essay writing services. Some of the pros and cons of these services are mentioned below.

Pros of essay writing companies

  1. Choose from multiple writers

When you are using essay writing service, you get a chance to choose from a variety of writers, belonging to different parts of the world and holding degrees. Most of these companies, according to, hire only the best writers from across the globe. It means you get a chance to choose a writer of desire and can confirm his legitimacy and reliability before confirming the order.

  1. Proper time management

One of the main benefits of writing essays is that you get your project on time. It means if the time is short and you have plenty of projects in hand, you can rely on the essay writing service since they are known to meet the deadlines and ensure the provision of quality essays. Time management is the key to a successful and bright future. As a student, if you do not manage your time, you may never achieve significant success, and if you have a lot of assignments, then outsourcing the projects will be a good idea.

  1. Get regular updates

It is one of the most significant essay advantages; you get regular updates and can request drafts on a regular basis. For example, if your essay is lengthy and the time is short, you can ask the writer to submit drafts once in a while so that you can check how the work is going on and what types of changes are needed before the final product is submitted to you.

  1. Smooth communication guaranteed

It should be noticed that communication is the key to success and when you hire an essay writing service, the support agents, as well as your writer, will be there to answer your questions promptly. It means through proper and regular communication, you can be assured of quality results. It will allow you to give instructions to the writer and the support will be there to assist you in case of any confusion or doubt.

  1. Money back guarantee

Besides the benefits of the writing process, you get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of your essay. They provide you with free revisions, and you can even get the whole paper redone if the instructions have not been taken care of initially. After all these things, if you are still not happy then you are free to ask for a full or partial refund. While working with individual writers, you may never be able to enjoy this benefit since most of them do not return the money and vanish all of a sudden.

Cons of essay writing companies

  1. Plagiarized papers

A large number of students complain about plagiarized and low-quality papers. They are often found saying that the writer who worked on their project had used so many quotes or had copied the content directly from the web. You might be concerned in this regard; so the only solution to the problem is outsourcing your work to a company where papers are always checked through plagiarism software and tools before handing over to you.

  1. Irresponsiveness

A large number of companies are irresponsive and do not accept their writers’ mistakes. It is a matter of great concern. If you have a project or two that need immediate solutions, then you need to check whether the company you have selected answers your queries quickly or not. If they remain irresponsive or ignore your messages, then you should not place an order there because they might disappear with the money and will never get back to you.

  1. A lot of grammatical errors

A large number of essay writing companies hire non-native writers, the ones who do not even know how to write a quality sentence. They leave a lot of grammatical or spelling errors in the papers, which can destroy your reputation before the teacher and in the class. You should ask them to revise the paper and ensure that the spelling or grammatical mistakes have been fixed before the paper is submitted to the teacher. Unfortunately, various companies, as well as writers, do not proofread the papers and this can cause problems for you in the long run.

A lot of advantages and disadvantages are always associated with essay writing. You should carefully review a company and be assured of its market reputation before placing an order. If you do not find a suitable company, it would be great to write the essay yourself as this will help you improve your writing skills and will enable you to meet the deadline with no compromise on quality.