The Russell Ruffino approach to business growth

Business growth ideas feature prominently in search engine listings. Most all the advice offered through these professional management and leadership platforms indicates what business owners should be doing.

From a cursory perspective, this approach makes sense. People want to know what they can do to improve, enhance, or repair an otherwise inefficiently managed, or sub-optimal business. Typical management practices such as effective planning, strategic organization skills, strong leadership, and control over activities that are being performed are well known in the literature. Over the years, management gurus, motivational experts, and leaders have proposed all manner of suggestions about how to efficiently run a business.

For a new business owner, it can prove a little intimidating and overwhelming searching for best business practices. Many people don’t have the time, or the inclination to scour through hundreds, perhaps even thousands of articles to root out things that they should be doing with their businesses. This brings us to an interesting approach adopted by one of the leading voices in management philosophy: Russell Ruffino.

The Founder and CEO of Clients on Demand stresses an altogether different perspective when seeking out the most effective management solutions. His company is listed in the top 500 fastest growing companies in America, and it earned that distinction on none other than Inc. Magazine. His advice was surprising to business owners, yet poignant enough to warrant global publication. This begs the question: What did Russell Ruffino say about best business practices, and why is his advice so different to mainstream management doctrine?

Ruffino rules the roost with new-age management philosophy

Russell Ruffino believes that it’s not about what you should be doing in your business, it’s about what you shouldn’t be doing that matters. Russell Ruffino’s marketing approach states that by knowing what you don’t want to do, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that so many other business owners fell victim to. By knowing what is harmful to your company, you can find alternative pathways to success by avoiding the potholes in the road ahead. His website, Clients on Demand provides all the necessary reasons why businesses should avoid these harmful practices.

For starters, Ruffino believes it’s important to find the right fit for your business. Mass marketing campaigns are bound to fail, and should be avoided at all costs. Blasting everyone with the same marketing message has no inherent value. It will attract the wrong elements to the business and be wasteful in the process. It’s more beneficial to target people who have a need, want, or desire for a company’s products or services, rather than simply bombarding everyone with a generic message.

The demographic must match. While precise correlations are not always possible, peripheral-related interests or associated interests will certainly do the trick. For example, if a company sells paint it makes sense to market its wares to people who are involved in the home renovation industry, even if they don’t plan on painting their newly remodeled bathroom just yet.

Building a strategy around perfect clients

Another aspect of Ruffino’s approach is the definition of the right fit; the right client. It begins by clearly demarcating specific demographic groups which have a close correlation/fit with a company’s products/services. By understanding precisely what a client wants, it is possible to define what is known as the perfect client. Everyone knows that the customer always comes first, but applying that thinking is not always easy.

It requires understanding, research, and best practice methodology to ensure a jigsaw puzzle like fit between a company’s offerings and its perfect clients. By marketing in this fashion, a company gets maximum bang for its marketing bucks, and ensures that unnecessary wastage is kept to a minimum and that the company can move swiftly to achieve its strategic objectives.