Why is VPS a perfect solution for your business?

Let’s face it – It is really complicated to choose the right web hosting service. All thanks to a number of hosting providers and their number of hosting plans.

In today’s post, we will talk about the VPS web hosting service that has turned into a popular choice for small and mid-sized online businesses. The one major reason is, in comparison to shared hosting, it gives better control over the server and resources like disk space and bandwidth.

Let’s explore it more:

What is VPS service?

VPS is a virtual server that is used as a private/dedicated server even though it is installed on a physical computer operating many operating systems. The concept of VPS can be better understood as a virtual machine that is designed to cater to the needs of an individual user.

With VPS hosting, you get the same functionality and privacy as that of a physical computer. In short, it works exactly the same way as a dedicated server. The only difference is that it doesn’t live on its own server hardware.

In comparison to a shared hosting service, VPS is generally set up on an advanced hardware and supported with various redundancy features. On the other hand, if we compare it to an entirely dedicated server, it is much cheaper and gives you almost the same services.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, using a virtual server is a perfect middle ground between a shared hosting service and a dedicated server. This is the one big reason, many people migrating to VPS hosting to shared hosting.

Reasons why VPS is ideal for your business

More control over server setting

If you are one of those website owners who like handling most of the aspects of a web server by yourself, this type of hosting is what you need. Since with VPS, you get your own virtual server and you have full control over it.

Like in shared hosting, your server will not be shared by hundreds of parties. Moreover, you will also get the freedom to install a number of scripting languages that is usually not possible in a shared hosting environment.


As per your requirement, a virtual server can be scaled up and down which is the greatest feature for any website owner. Anytime you can add more resources without any restoration time (it depends on your service provider of course). There are many reliable hosting providers available that offer on time scalability one such is VPS.

Easy on the pocket

VPS hosting is not only a reliable but also easy on the pocket. It is quite affordable in comparison to a dedicated server. With a virtual server, you can relish almost all the features of a dedicated hosting such as increased disk space, bandwidth, etc without breaking your bank.

Most of the VPS providers allow you to choose exactly resources you want. Even if you need a powerful server for only an hour or enhance your hard disk space for a day, you can do so and pay only for the resources you utilize.

You get your own independent environment

In VPS hosting, your server performance is less affected by other users sharing the same server because your provider keeps a certain amount of resources just for your VPS.

Therefore, no matter, whether it is bandwidth, disk space or CPU memory it will be hardly affected by other VPS clients. In short, you will get your own independent environment.

It is portable

The one major problem of choosing a physical server is the portability of the application. Well, this is not an issue with VPS platform lets you move your application from one server to another without compromising on uptime. Because VPS accounts are organized as server images by the provider.

Faster disaster recovery

God forbid you ever encounter data loss disaster. However, when you opt for a VPS plan, you get a better defense against the loss of data. It lets your data files to remain hosted behind a save partition that is not available to other users.

Moreover, it gives you a better recovery option compared to dedicated servers since it can be supported in other modes as well in case some information gets lost.

Final words

These different advantages of VPS hosting service explain how useful it is for a growing business. If you have launched a website that you expect will expand soon, using a virtual server is a good choice for you. After all, nowhere you will find such flexibility and scalability.