Ilmap’s filter nozzles for water treatment

Without filter nozzles, the world would be a less healthy, dirtier and much more inconvenient place to live. These invaluable components are a mainstay of water treatment systems across the world, enabling public bodies and companies to purify the water they use, whether that’s for consumption or for use in industries like swimming pool maintenance, paper manufacturing or agriculture.

There are many different types of filter nozzles, but the principle is the same. The internal filters trap contaminants in water, allowing it to be removed easily via backwash flow. This may sound simple, but to achieve reliable, efficient filtration, these nozzles have to be precisely engineered, and any imperfections can be ruinous.

What Illmap’s plastic filter nozzles offer

Illmap offer a number of different kinds of water filtration nozzles, including a huge selection of precision engineered plastic filter nozzles. These filtration products use a variety of different plastics, including PVDF, Polypropylene and ABS, and they tend to have some important properties. For example, plastic filter nozzles for water treatment usually have excellent strength and resistance to chemical corrosion. They typically work well in hot conditions (although stainless steel may be favoured in extreme settings), and also respond well to mechanical stress. Moreover, most plastic filter nozzles clean very easily, while they often come with a lower price tag as well. For all of these reasons, they are commonly used in situations like swimming pool filtration or drinking water purification, but they may also find uses in industrial settings.

Check out Illmap’s stainless steel filter nozzles

The other major type of filter nozzles available from Illmap are stainless steel models. In this case, we generally use Austenitic steel, which helps to maximise their corrosion resistance and helps them withstand high temperatures. These nozzles are ideal for settings where temperature extremes are expected, and they may well be more capable of handling mechanical pressures than versions made from thermoplastics. As a rule, these filters are designed for aggressive environments, where conditions are extreme, including many industrial applications. Stainless steel nozzles are also favoured in situations of high lateral stress, including drainage systems, where residue load and flow rates are both high.

Find the right filter nozzle solution for your specific needs

Whether you choose stainless steel or thermoplastic filter nozzles for your water treatment project, Illmap can engineer the right component for your needs. The team can create nozzles with the right slot sizes, ensuring that the particles you need to handle are removed efficiently. They can also advise clients about the right materials to use in their nozzles to ensure that water or other liquids are properly treated. We’ve mentioned plastic and stainless steel categories here, but the range of filtration nozzles available is quite diverse. There are models for round pipes which cater for air distribution, models that specialise in high flow rates and nozzles designed primarily for sand and anthracite filters. Because of this, finding the right product is essential, and Ilmap’s expertise can make sure that you make the correct choice. To find out more, get in touch. Ilmap will be happy to discuss bespoke filtration solutions to suit your requirements.

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