Could you make money from search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is an ever-expanding industry, and as the internet becomes an increasingly bigger place, websites will always need to boost their chances of attracting traffic.

There are many huge companies that help website owners get their pages higher up in the Google rankings, but it could also be done on a smaller scale by individuals. If you are interested in making some extra money from home, you could look into ways to work in the booming search engine optimization industry.


While big SEO companies focus on a number of different businesses and work tirelessly to get those sites higher up the search rankings, it can be done on a much smaller scale by individuals. If you manage to teach yourself how to effectively improve a site’s search results, you could work from home as a freelancer for one or two websites.

There are a number of online tools and tips sites that can help you get better at SEO. Growthsupermarket, for instance, is a comparison site that helps users find the best tools for boosting their visibility online. There are numerous things to assist with SEO, such as keyword research and link building tools, and by using sites like this anyone can get into the industry. If you think this is something that you might be able to do from home, it would be wise to undergo an online course to make sure you know all the intricate details of the industry. Then, you could approach small businesses and offer to do SEO work for them. Who knows, if you start off on a small scale like this you may even be able to turn it into a larger business at some stage.

Content creation

The other way to get into SEO would be to look into content creation, which is easily done from home. There are many freelance writers working for various SEO companies and getting paid per article. Because every website could potentially receive SEO treatment, it means that the topics for writing can be anything. They can range from sports, to fashion design, to interior decorating. So even if you feel like you may not be able to write about some things, you may find that there are other topics that are more suited to you.

There are some pointers to remember when writing for SEO companies. One of the main things to note is that the links should be high quality, as stronger links are better for boosting a site up the rankings. When you link to put the links in, you should make sure there is a strong reason for linking to them. You should also try to write informative and original content that people want to read.

For people looking to find out how to make money online, getting into the growing SEO industry could be a great way to make money on your own terms. You won’t have to work set hours, and could still have a lot of free time to do other things.