That’s a wrap – business vans opting or vinyl advertising

If you have a van (or even a fleet of vans) for your business, it may well be a good idea to get a professional vehicle wrap. After all, most vans have a large area of empty space so it would be a shame not to make the most of getting your business seen by potential customers.

  1. A cost effective investment

While the initial cost is likely to be high, especially for a professional all-over wrap, it is worth bearing in mind the length of time that the vehicle will be displaying the advertising for and the potential audience that you will be reaching. A well fitted wrap can last 5 years or more which, when you break it down, makes it actually very cost effective over time.

Balance that with the cost of conventional advertising in, say, magazine and newspapers, that are also costly investments but don’t have the same longevity, and you can begin to understand the impact your van wrap can make.

You’ll also have the advantage of exclusivity. No need to compete for the attention of your customers with any other advertisements, like you would in a magazine or other traditional forms of advertising. For some interesting facts and figures about the true value of wrapping your van, take a look at this PDF from Semaphore Display.

  1. Easy, enhanced visibility

There’s nothing more eye catching than a colourful, smart and attention grabbing vehicle wrap. In fact, while a plain, un-wrapped van can often go un-noticed, if your van has well designed, colourful and informational graphics all over it, people won’t be able to not take notice!

It’s also a direct way to get to your marketing messages in front of potential customers rather than wait for them to discover you in a print publication or hear about you on the radio. Think of your van as a permanent roaming advertisement rather than just as a means of getting you and your equipment from A to B.

As far as business goes, first impressions count – and what could be more impressive than to turn up at your next customer in a fully liveried van? Whether you have a single van or a fleet, it will help your business to appear professional and to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Passive advertising that works

Of course, the real beauty of this style of advertising is that it is passive rather than in your face.  Since you are not forcing people to read your ad in a magazine, newspaper or on a dreaded flyer through the door, nor listen to your ad on the radio, you will find that customers respond in a much more positive way.

Indeed, if you can be clever and have fun with your design, you can actually get your target audience to enjoy what they see, therefore making your message more memorable. It’s worth thinking about!

Here are just a couple of examples to illustrate the point:

  1. Added protection for your van

If you think about it for a minute, wrapping your van in a vinyl covering is going to give the vehicle’s bodywork a little extra protection from bumps and scrapes. That’s a nice added bonus beyond using your vehicle as a physical advertising platform.

Another form of protection is that wrapping your van in your company’s logo and contact details makes the vehicle much easier to trace and much harder for thieves to go un-noticed. When you compare insurance quotes with websites such as, you should mention that your van has been wrapped. While some insurers class this as a modification, others may offer cheaper premiums on vans that are easily identified and therefore less likely to be targeted by opportunist thieves.

Final considerations

Before you jump in and splash the cash on getting your van emblazoned with your company graphics, there are a few important things to consider. To start with, take a look at this helpful guide on vehicle wrapping.

As with any kind of advertising, it does pay to think carefully before embarking on what could be a costly purchase and decide whether it actually makes sense to spend money on getting your business van wrapped.

For instance, if you are thinking of selling the vehicle that you are going to wrap then you have to consider whether paying the initial, and often high, price will be worth doing.

If the van you want to wrap is old, scratched, dented and generally scruffy, the surface of the wrap may not stick well to the body and the result can look unprofessional. That’s probably not the best image you want associated with your business. Upgrading your vehicle might be a better use of the money.

Another point to think about is where you will be driving with your van and where you normally park it. If you do very little business associated mileage, or operate in out-of-the-way places that are not very populated, and the van is regularly parked out of sight, then a professional wrap may not be seen by enough people to make it a worthwhile investment.