It’s time to stand above the rest: How to ace your business gifting strategy!

Do you give the same corporate gifts year after year? Then it’s time to stand out from the crowd and up your business gifting strategy. Whether you want to show your appreciation to existing clients or deepen the relationship with new ones, strategic gifting lets you communicate your values and build brand awareness in a way that’s authentic and keeps you top of mind – if you get it right.

Respect gifting etiquette

What’s acceptable in your business gifting culture? Unless you’re certain that your client’s corporate gifting policy matches your own, think twice before taking the plunge and investing time and effort in finding the perfect gift.

Business gifting isn’t personal gifting…

Business gifting is an art that uses well-chosen gifts to create and build long-term relationships with your clients. They’re symbolic of the value that you place on that relationship, deepening brand loyalty and helping you rise above the competition. A t-shirt won’t cut it – unless it’s a hard-to-find logo t-shirt for your client’s favourite band.

…but it should be personal

Creating a unique experience for your recipient will deepen your business relationship. Show you care by finding a personal gift that’s a good fit for the recipient. It doesn’t have to be a physical gift – giving your time or services can make a lasting impression and even reward you with word of mouth business. But by demonstrating your generosity you’ll make your customer feel appreciated and they’ll want to reciprocate, building an emotional connection and making your business relationship more durable.

Send the right message

Want to develop your strategic gifting in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to your clients? Then make sure your gift plays up the relationship with your client, not the business you do. Don’t step over the line between a genuine thank you and a bribe with an extravagant gift. Instead, be thoughtful with your choices and reflect the value of the client relationship, not the business that they put your way.

Be subtle with branding

No one wants their gift to end up in the waste bin. But if you don’t park your ego when choosing appropriate gifts then that’s exactly where they’ll end up. Remember, strategic gifting is all about your client, not your business. By all means, add your branding but keep it discreet and make sure that branded items solve a problem or make life easier with a blend of quality and functionality. Always add a personal handwritten message – it shows care and attention to detail and convinces the recipient that you’re someone they want to do business with.

Show appreciation year round

Want to stand out from the crowd? Then show your appreciation all year round by sending out corporate gifts at unusual times of the year. When your client is swamped with generic Christmas gifts, wait for the New Year to send your personal gift to wish them well in the coming twelve months. Wait until an unexpected time of year and your well-thought-out gift will be much more memorable, keeping you top of mind all year round.