The best antique auto insurance companies

You may have a classic car that you would like to use from time to time. You know that you cannot do that without classic car insurance. It will depend on the state that you are living in but most states will require you to have proper auto insurance before you can take your car out for a ride.

Your classic car cannot be protected by the standard auto insurance plans that are offered by different insurance companies. You can check American Insurance as they may have better deals for your classic vehicle.

There are some car insurance companies that are known for providing adequate classic car insurance for antique car owners. Are you ready to get to know these companies more?

1. Grundy Worldwide

This company is known to provide car insurance policies for antique and classic cars. Whether the car is a part of your collection or it is something that you treasure, you will be given a range of policies to choose from. They do not have restrictions on the year of your vehicle but they have their own criteria before they decide to accept your vehicle to be insured.

2. American Insurance

It is true that this company is more known to provide standard car insurance but if you already have some cars that are insured under the company, you may get better deals for your classic car. American Insurance may also offer some competitive car insurance plans that will rival the ones that are being offered by antique auto insurance companies.

3. Hagerty

Is your classic car undergoing restoration right now? If you answer yes, then this may be the best company for you to consider. They have various insurance policies for classic and antique cars. You will have a grand time checking out the plan that will work best for your very own classic vehicle. Take note that when you choose the option to restore your car while it is under insurance, the car’s value will increase by 10%. Take note that the increase will be for every quarter. It will be worth it especially if your car is restored properly.

4. American Collector’s Insurance

Why have you decided to get insurance in the first place? Some do it because they are required. There are others who do it because they know that it will be useful to them. Your classic car may be in its best condition but you can never tell when it would suddenly break down. There are also different circumstances that may cause your vehicle to stop. This car insurance company can provide the best emergency services available. From roadside services to so much more, you can get the coverage that you need. Take note that they have different insurance plans but platinum can provide most of your needed coverage.

5. Heacock

If you would like to find one that is not considered to be a major player yet in offering classic car insurance, this is the best company to try out. This car insurance company was established in 1922 and has offered different types of classic car insurance since then. It will not be a surprise if this can offer the type of insurance policy that you are searching for.

Reasons to insure your classic car

Are you still not convinced of the reasons why you should get insurance for your classic car soon? These are just some of the things you should remember:

  • When something happens to your classic vehicle, the amount that you will get for it will be the car’s current value or the value that you have agreed on with the auto insurance company.
  • You will be able to get funds in order to restore your vehicle.
  • Car insurance will offer protection just in case you get into a problem while you are using it.

Which among the companies that offer classic car insurance would you like to contact soon? Get to know more details about them before you make a decision.