The start-up guide to making explainer videos that sell

With the decreasing attention spans of Internet users, start-ups need to find a sure-fire way to grab the viewer’s undivided attention. Little wonder then that B2B and B2C companies are increasingly leveraging the power of animated explainer videos for brand promotion and marketing. They are embracing the idea of telling their story with a personalised script, enacted by lovable characters who will engage the viewer.

Explainer videos are a must for start-ups wanting to unveil their business idea in the simplest way and in the shortest possible time. An explainer video gives a significant boost to the start-up’s marketing campaign. These short videos are very effective not just as a sales pitch for the start-up but also to create trust.

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What is an explainer video?

Animated explainer videos are short and engaging videos, designed to throw light on the offerings of business while guiding the viewer on how the solution might work. These videos are great at simplifying even the most technical solution, such that the layperson can easily understand. The reason they are called explainer videos is that they detail how a product works in just a few seconds or minutes.

Why explainer videos?

The aim of creating a short explainer video is to capture the target audience’s attention by narrating the business idea in an engaging and compelling way. Cute characters, a catchy narrative and dedicated target insights are the main ingredients of a good animated explainer video, not just in the UK, but in other parts of the world too.

Why explainer videos are effective for a start-up

Animated explainer videos offer a multitude of benefits that make such content highly desirable for start-ups:

  • Keeps the audience engaged: Animated videos help a business tell its story in an interested, yet comprehensive, way. Cartoon characters can immediately teleport us to our childhood, making us more attentive and engaged.
  • Drives conversion rates: With increased audience engagement, conversion rates are also likely to rise.
  • Improves search engine rankings: Did you know that Google loves videos? It has been known that video content is 50% more likely to rank higher on the search engine results pages than any other type of content.
  • Simple and affordable: When you hire the services of a skilled and experienced animation production company, what you get is value for money. More importantly, animated explainer video production can be based on the client’s specific needs. Plus, they don’t cost as much as other types of video.
  • Saves on advertisement costs: An explainer video is a form of advertising. Once an explainer video is made, it can be posted on various platforms, including your business website, all the popular social media channels and more. You can even use them in your marketing emails and present them at trade shows.

How to get started with your explainer video

Here are a few steps that will help you create one of the best explainer videos for your business:

1. Work to create a unique script

An engaging script is the foundation of a successful explainer video. It should also cover the CTAs. Although start-ups can do the storyboarding themselves, it is best to enlist the help of experts to write the script for you and do the animation. These experts will not only have the requisite experience but will give a fresh perspective to your message. To create a more impactful video, involve the creative team in the project. Try to keep the length of the explainer video to around 1 minute 30 seconds.

When creating 90-second explainer videos, make sure the following questions are answered:

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What specific problem are we trying to address/solve?
  • How can the product/service be explained in 1-2 sentences?
  • What are the key benefits of the product that the video should highlight?
  • What would be the best visual style (cartoon, sketch or professional) for the video?

2. Pick the right animation company

There are a vast number of animation production companies in the UK. However, not all of them are as skilled. Here are some key conditions to take into account while choosing the animated video production company for your business:

  • Check their portfolio: To identify whether the animated video production company is capable of producing high-quality videos, look into their previous work. Check if they have the expertise to create quality, engaging videos with a story or an engaging script, with target audience-focussed design and enticing colours. Pay attention to the voiceover, language tone, animation, expressions, video leaps, sounds, and other details. You can check the ratings, reviews, and recommendations from previous clients on their websites to arrive at a final decision.
  • Consider your budget: Budget is a very important factor in selecting a suitable animated marketing video company. The cost of the explainer video will vary according to the resources used. Depending on the marketing budget, you have the option to choose from less expensive video production services that offer pre-defined or template animations and designs, or more exclusive service providers that offer customised.
  • Ensure smooth communication: The service provider’s initial responses to your questions will tell you a lot about their capabilities and their ability to ensure seamless communication throughout the entire process. Even if it is a start-up video production company, make sure they are welcoming of your participation in the video production process.

3. Putting the video out there

Other than good business video production, it is also important to know where to upload the video for the best results. Use the concept of A/B testing by testing two different versions of the explainer video to determine which is more effective before you put the video out there.

The best spots to highlight an explainer video include:

  • Above the fold on your landing page.
  • In your own blog posts and via guest posting.
  • On the most popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Don’t forget to upload it on YouTube.


An explainer video is a trendy way to spread the word about business in London and other parts of the UK. An explainer video is not only one of the best and most creative ways to introduce your brand to the public but also a great way to achieve a significant jump in sales. However, such results will be possible only when your animated videos are informative, easy to understand and attractive, all at the same time.

So, invest time in selecting one of the best Explainer Video Company with experience in creating effective start-up videos. This will help you build a good brand image.