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Why is CBD oil the best food supplement right now?

There is no question about it. After having suffered a century of senseless prohibition, cannabis is now living an extraordinary resurgence through CBD oil.

From being banned and stigmatised to becoming a sought-after food supplement for complete wellbeing and a regulated medicine in its own right. Cannabis is now mainstream and it’s here to stay. Its firstborn mass-market product – legal, safe and highly effective – is CBD oil. People across the world are taking the opportunity now to buy CBD oil and gain the many benefits it offers..

CBD oilWhen CBD oil (cannabidiol) was first identified as the primal counterpart of THC, it has surprised scientists for having:

  • No psychoactive effects: CBD doesn’t produce the high associated with THC.
  • No toxicity: no adverse side effects or addictive properties.
  • Numerous health benefits.

This last point has been thoroughly investigated over the past decades. At the end of the 90s, it was clear that CBD oil acts as a stimulant of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system (also known by its acronym ECS) is a web of receptors found to be present in all humans and mammals and partly responsible for the wellbeing of many of our bodily systems. We are now starting to learn more about how CBD can positively affect our physical and mental wellbeing, plus how other compounds like terpenes (which can be added to all sorts of things) can be added to enhance the effect CBD has on our bodies.

UK advertising standards

Whereas advertising standards prohibit any of the health benefits of CBD oil to be enunciated explicitly by CBD shops, the published research has sifted via authoritative blogs, journals and mainstream media and reached a critical mass of the general public.

Food supplement retailers are able to advertise the features of the products they sell, but they’re not in a position to produce any claims that may lead the public to believe the products they sell can be used to treat, cure or prevent any disease. The law states clearly that supplements must be sold solely as promoters of good health and – as their own name state – to supplement a healthy lifestyle or complement a medical treatment that is being supervised by a qualified health practitioner.

for the Ageless

Most CBD oil stores see these advertising standards as a hurdle to communicate with customers clearly, but we at for the Ageless, believe that they are actually a good thing. On one hand, it is a fact that we are not health professionals and it would just be plainly wrong to offer any medical advice or comment on medical conditions. On the other hand, these regulations force us to specialise in the quality and features of the products we bring to market.

When it comes down to vetting CBD products, the lowdown of our method of selection is to ensure that the CBD oil is:

  • Organic
  • Full spectrum
  • Extracted using Co2 supercritical extraction
  • Third-party certified
  • Ethically priced

By becoming experts in production and manufacturing standards for CBD oil, we can ensure we source and feature only the best CBD products that this growing (but young) industry has to offer. Take Koi CBD as an example, they can be used to provide a balance without drowsiness, to aid in sleep but also have many other health benefits. We can share that knowledge with and allow the general public to access a bespoke collection of the highest-quality products. Customer service and sharing knowledge takes most of our time and it’s well worth it, because the message spreads via word of mouth and digital sharing. We’ve put together a CBD oil guide, a quick CBD FAQ and an in-depth CBD oil blog to make the information readily available in a variety of media. We also keep in touch with customers directly via Messenger, email and over the phone. All of these services are of course free of charge and our raison d’etre.

Doing it differently

We get some requests for visits, because some of our customers assume we have a bricks and mortar store, but we only retail products online, to reduce our overhead and keep prices as low as possible. This allows us also to provide a manufacturer price match guarantee that sets us apart from other CBD stores.

for the Ageless was born out of frustration as we felt confused and overwhelmed by the number of CBD supplements in the market. CBD oil is particularly challenging to get your head around, because of the many ways that manufacturers state CBD content on their products (mg, percentages, brand names that suggest different concentration levels…) and the differing quality of the raw and added ingredients. We present CBD content clearly by showing the total CBD content in mg for each product. Ingredients are listed, and third-party certification is always present for all CBD oils, e-liquids, and edibles.

We present products and information the way we’d like to find it ourselves and strive to constantly refine, simplify and improve the CBD collection and the knowledge bank. Whenever we read our customer reviews and listen to their feedback, we know we’re on the right path and going to bed knowing we’re helping out is extremely fulfilling. We don’t see CBD oil as a trendy supplement to market, but as the beginning of a new chapter in the history of cannabis, where the plant makes its comeback and demonstrates its ground-breaking qualities in the realm of integrative health.

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