How to stay in the loop of technological advances

Feeling left behind? You’re not alone. Technology is advancing at an incredible pace, leaving people and businesses drowning in its virtual wake. The good news is that it can be easy to keep up with technology once you develop a strategy for doing so.

1. Focus on relevance

Technology has grown exponentially, to the point where not even a dedicated expert has the ability to keep a finger on its ever-changing pulse. It’s pointless to attempt to follow all kinds of tech; instead, decide what is relevant to you and your area of expertise. Determine what type of technology will make the greatest impact and use that as a starting point. Once you determine what is relevant, you’ll find that the concept of keeping up with the latest advances feels far less challenging, particularly when you combine a targeted approach with the remaining steps in this quick guide.

2. See what others are doing

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Others in your industry have done much of the hard work for you already; now, it’s up to you to see what top influencers are up to. What tools are others using? How are industry leaders capitalizing on technology? What are the associated costs? Is there a way to implement some of the information?

3. Leverage resources

Which resources do you have at your disposal in terms of equipment, information, internet access, etc.? Are any of these outdated? Should they be traded up? Are any unused or unnecessary? Should they be eliminated? Don’t worry if you’re not certain. Online companies such as TechRadar, CNET, and Deloitte can help you make sense of it all and provide predictions about which technology is more than just a passing fad.

4. Read up

Pick one or two reliable sources of insight and dedicate a little time to reading. It doesn’t take much – in fact, you might need to invest less than an hour per week keeping up with technology once you’ve caught up. TechCrunch is a favorite thanks to its crisp user interface, and Engadget is another excellent resource with an equally accessible feel. Read only what pertains to you and then you can move on to whatever’s next on your schedule.

5. Attend events

There’s more to industry events than an opportunity to enjoy lunch and meet up with old colleagues. Pick a few to attend each year, and spend a little time engaging with tech experts who are attending in order to share information about the products and services they have on offer. Personal interaction can be a great source of valuable insight.

By following even a few of these five simple steps, you will find that it’s not at all difficult to catch up with the latest trends and stay abreast of technological advances in the future.