6 affordable fun things to do after work that may turn into a side business

Even if you have a good full-time job, it doesn’t mean that you cannot try to transform some of your ideas into business. Sometimes, your side activities may turn into an additional source of income. Moreover, some people manage to turn their hobby into a full-fledged business and to become self-employed, with no need to keep their 9-5 job anymore.

Many people don’t start their own business because they just don’t know what business idea is the best one. Another common question is, how to keep the main job while starting a side business?

The thing is that, if you choose a right business idea that corresponds to your interests and competencies, it will be easier for you to develop a side business while working on your main job. If you want to make a bit of money on the side you could even try matched betting, look at this guide to matched betting to see how it works.

Affordable and fun ideas for your side business

  1. Photography – Many people think of photography as of a hobby, however, you can also make money with it. Many of us take photos all the time and share them on social media with friends, but not everyone is really good at it. If your photos impress everyone so your friends ask your advice on how to make a perfect shot, it may be a sign that you can monetize this hobby. For example, there are websites like Shutterstock or Flickr, where you can sell your photos to people from all around the globe. You can also work with actual clients directly, offering them a less expensive alternative to hiring a professional photographer. Everybody needs beautiful photos for weddings, birthday parties, graduations, etc.
  2. Fitness – If you cannot imagine your life without going to a gym, burning calories and lifting weights, You can also turn this healthy hobby into a source of income. There are many people who would like to work with a personal trainer. Usually, turnover in gyms is high, so they often look for new personal trainers. However, it’s not enough to look fit to become a trainer. You have to get all the necessary certificates.
  3. PetsAccording to the American Pet Products Association, the pet industry has already exceeded $70 million a year, and it continues to grow. If you love animals, there are many options available for you. You can sell pet food or accessories, as well as create your sitting or grooming service. Most often, all you need to get started is to love animals, however, sometimes you may also need a groomer’s license or other certifications. You can also start with dog walking — it will help you kill a few hours a day and earn some extra money.
  4. Blogging – Although some people think that blogging is no longer a reliable source of income, thousands of bloggers monetize their content, writing about anything they love. Randy Hamm, a creative writer at College-Writers, notes: “Blogging has a few different revenue streams, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and consulting. If you’re a successful blogger, you can also sell your eBooks and organize events.” All you need to do is write a lot, and you should do it well. However, you will also need to familiarize yourself with WordPress or another blogging platform, and you’ll certainly need a good online marketing strategy.
  5. Web design – If you know how to create websites, it’s a great opportunity to become a web designer. Of course, there are many tools and plugins in WordPress that allow anyone to make a decent webpage, but most people just lack time or motivation to spend hours trying to make it work. There is always a pool of potential customers, such as small businesses. Just offer reasonable rates, and you will quickly find your first clients. After that, you can include links to those pages on your own website so that your audience can see real examples of your work. As you get more experience, you can take on more difficult and profitable jobs.
  6. Social media – Many of us spend too much time on social media, so why not turn this habit into a source of income? There are many companies and influencers who have so active social media presence that they need help. You can provide them with help by becoming a social media manager. Start with visiting websites like CareerBuilder or Flexjobs, where many employers of any kind are looking for such specialists.

How to turn your hobby into a business

Assess your market

Analyze the existing competition, your targeted audience, and popular trends. After this, come up with an original idea that will make you different from others.

Don’t underestimate yourself

Remember that your labor has a price. Don’t be afraid to adjust this price as your professional skills evolve.

Build a support system

It’s important to invest as much as you can in your new business, however, you should also have a plan B in case things go wrong. Make sure you have some savings and people you can rely on.

Perseverance is crucial

Perseverance is your key to success, and all the entrepreneurs learn this lesson sooner or later. Any business has its ups and downs, so you must be able to keep moving on, even when things get tough.


Entrepreneurship requires commitment and involves many risks. On the other hand, when you’re your own boss, you have much more freedom and don’t depend on someone else’s decisions. Although working on your business idea may turn out to be a tough task, when your business starts bringing you more money than your full-time job, it’s easy to see that the results are worth effort.

There are many ways to turn your hobby into a source of income, even if you have your 9-5 job. You just need to love what you do and to work hard, even when things get tough. Even if your new business doesn’t bring as much profit as you expected, you should never give up and enjoy your favorite activity as you did it before you became a businessman.

Ester Brierley is a QA Engineer in software outsourcing company and a competent virtual assistant for College Writers, but thinking about her own entrepreneurial journey. As a seasoned content creator, she adores researching cutting-edge digital and lifestyle trends and sharing them in her writing pieces. Follow her on Twitter.