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An amazing place to stay in Bansko

Bansko is the ideal resort for a family vacation, also a great place to spent pleasant time with friends, for team building, etc. People with different preferences, tastes and can visit Bansko during all seasons.

Some of them like to relax in privacy, beauty, comfort and pleasure. Others prefer entertainments with show, games, attractions. While third part of the people are seekers of adrenaline and they like the extreme experiences that are offered in the mountain, the rivers and …in the air of Bansko!

stay in Bansko

From December to April, here is the kingdom of winter sports and entertainment – ski, snowboard, snowmobiles, which can be combined with paragliding. The paragliding is a flight like the paraplanerism, but the landing is with ski on the snow. The flight starts from Todorka peak and it is carried out with an instructor, as it lasts for about half an hour.

The conditions for ski and snowboard here are perfect. It is no coincidence that the World ski and snowboard championships are traditionally held in Bansko, as the resort has already been reserved for a series of world starts in the next three years: 2019-2020-2021. Of the 75-kilometers long ski runs, however, the ski runs for professionals are the least – only 25%. 35% are suitable for beginners skiers and snowboarders, there are schools available, even kindergarten, and the remaining percentage is for the advanced skiers and snowboarders. Rental equipment is available on site. There are also many other extras. For example, the 5 star hotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax has great offers for its guests: it provides regular transportation to the ski runs, cards for the ski complex, specialized wardrobes, a combination of winter sports with a SPA vacation for complete relaxation in the atmosphere of comfort, great and delicious food and entertainment. There is also plenty of entertainment during the summer – hikes and picnics with local specialties and sparkling wine from Bansko, accompanied with folklore programs with songs, dances, interesting customs; hikes, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting and kayaking on Struma and Mesta Rivers, horse riding, hunting, fishing and much more. Actually, there is also a unique marine experience that you can enjoy in the summer in Bansko – the longest water slide in Europe with length of over 400 meters, as its speed may reach up to 45 km/h.

“Urban” adventures

Undoubtedly the beauty of Pirin Mountain is one of the greatest advantages of Bansko. The mountain is of the alpine type that alternates stunning precipices with high peaks, bizarre rock complexes, moraines, lakes, waterfalls, centuries-old forests, rivers. There are some easily accessible places, other places of medium difficulty, some rough and difficult routes, so the options for entertainment in the wild nature where Bansko is located, are numerous.

The resort offers also many “urban” entertainments.

You can have a lot of fun in the famous escape rooms “Egypt” and “Hacker”, the teams consist of two to six players, as the sixth one plays for free. As in all mystery rooms, here are required watchfulness, speed, logical thought in order to find within an hour the exit from the locked room. But the adventures that you will experience, solving the mysteries and secrets of the Egyptian pharaohs in “Egypt” room, are fun even for the little children – from 6 years of age and more, but of course they should be accompanied with an adult during the game. The games of the Smart internet-pirate in the “Hacker” room are very entertaining for the children over 8 years of age. This makes both escape rooms in the 5 star Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax, very attractive for family games, but also for people from different ages. It goes without saying that the guests can use a free high-speed internet; numerous TV channels – film, sports, music, fashion, children’s and so on; computer areas.

In Вansko one understands that eating can be an interesting adventure. In addition to the unique specialties from Bansko and the traditional Bulgarian dishes, here the guests can taste the richness of the Balkan cuisine, also of the Arab, Armenian, Russian and others. Especially very popular is the “Fondue” restaurant, offering Swiss and French cuisine from the Alps, as well as the “Leonardo” restaurant, specialized in the Italian culinary. The dishes are prepared according to the authentic recipes and even the products are authentic. And that adds experiences and more unforgettable pleasures to the trip.