Top 5 tips on how to improve your email campaigns

By now I bet you already know the importance of email marketing to your entrepreneurship venture. Besides being the primary driver of customer acquisition, email marketing has the potential of yielding the highest return on investment of as compared to other marketing channels.

email campaignsTherefore, it is important to always keep yourself updated on how to improve your email campaigns. Here is a list of the top 5 tips on how to improve your email campaigns and boost your entrepreneurship experience:

Create and build your own email marketing list

Most people are fooled into believing that more email addresses will automatically convert into more clicks. Do not fall for the temptation of buying an email list. How would you feel if your email inbox was full of unexpected and spammy emails? Would you be quick to open and read them, or would you send them directly to trash? This same case also applies to your recipients.

Invest in promoting email signups on your blogs, websites, landing pages, and as many other avenues as possible. Make sure to explain what your users are signing up for when submitting their email addresses. That way, you are sure to get more clicks and conversion rates since only those who are interested in your products and services will click on it. You can see a great example of this here.

Make use of storytelling techniques

If you want to make people interested in your emails (products and services), you need to find a way to capture their attention within the first few seconds of receiving your email – and what better way to do it than through storytelling. However, don’t get too carried away and write a handful of paragraphs in the name of storytelling. Always keep in mind that people connect more on an emotional level. Take advantage of this to connect with your readers.

Is there a holiday coming up? Is Black Friday around the corner? Or can you hear the jingle bells of Christmas fast approaching? Find a way to use these holidays and festive seasons to connect with your audience and you can be rest assured of making some sales. Also, waiting till the end before mentioning your products is also a working strategy because you will be able to connect with your clients without sounding too salesy.

Always make use of effective welcome emails in order to build stronger relationships

If there is one stage of email marketing where you can never afford to mess up, is your welcome email. First things first, do you have a welcome email for your new customers or potential customers? If not, then stop what you are doing and create it immediately! Welcome emails set the tone for relationships with your clients. Therefore, you should always send it immediately after a signup.

To create a successful welcome email, ensure that it is personalized with the recipient’s name. Avoid no-reply emails and also include the name of an actual sender instead of a vague company name. Additionally, for new entrepreneurs that are on a budget and want to set up welcome emails they can use a free SMTP server, that will allow them to send those types of emails much more efficient. Finally, give a brief description of what the recipients should be expecting from your emails, and where possible, please indicate the frequency with which you will be sending them. Let them know how to get in touch with you, and always meet your expectations.

Do not be tempted to use Gmail’s promotion tab

How often do you open the emails in your “Promotions” tab whenever you access your Gmail account? If you are anything like me, your “Promotions” tab is full of unread emails including the ones I received a few months ago. Therefore, if you want your emails to be read, find a way to bring them back to the “Primary” tab and stay farther away from the “Promotions” tab.

Find a way to sell your products without selling

When your emails sound too salesy, it can be quite a turnoff to your customers. Therefore, look for alternative ways to avoid this. A good example is by making use of your email footer. Place a short CTA for your product and include a link that directs people on where to buy it. However, always have a strategy at hand of how to convert the clicks into sales.

Final advice to entrepreneurs

When it comes to email marketing, there is never that one solution that is bound to work for everyone and in every situation. Therefore, never shy away from experimenting and choosing the methods that best suit your needs throughout your entrepreneurship journey. However, these 5 tips on how to improve your email campaigns provide better starting points even for new entrepreneurs and people who are looking to improve their entrepreneurship skills.