How to Unwind After a Hard Day in the Office

There’s nothing worse than getting home after a hard day at work and end up using the rest of the night to worry about what’s in store for tomorrow. It can be all too easy to grab the wine from the fridge and head for the latest boxset on Sky.

But there are plenty of interesting ways you can actually use your evenings to recharge and get stronger, without hitting the bottle, so you come out the next day fighting fit.

stressed worker

Go for a run

Doing something that gets you out of your chair and transports you into another environment can be hugely beneficial. It doesn’t have to be relaxing – it can be stimulating – because doing something different or expending a bit of energy will actually invigorate you and give you more energy. Just take a look at those obscenely fit ultra runners like Kilian Jornet; they aren’t able to run 100 miles because they’ve sat on their bums all year conserving energy. If running the streets isn’t something you feel comfortable doing, head for the trails or swap it for cycling, cross-training, yoga or pilates.

Read a book

As obvious as this sounds, reading a book focuses the mind a lot more than watching television or heading out to the movies. While you might feel your mind needs a rest, what it really needs is to be transported to somewhere at the opposite end of the spectrum your office is at and especially the ongoing budget issues in marketing. Let your mind wander and you’ll feel fresher in no time. Do it before you go to bed and it’ll be guaranteed to help you drift off for a better sleep too. If reading isn’t your thing, try listening to an audiobook instead.

Hitting up your online gaming

Hooking yourself up to your games console or PC to play the latest game allows your mind to stretch on problem-solving of a different kind and it can also be surprisingly beneficial after a long day’s work. Set yourself a few hours to complete the next level of Shadow of the Tomb Raider or a few races on Forza Horizon 4. If headphones and an Xbox isn’t your thing then you could allow your brain to go in a different direction by figuring out the skills and tricks involved strategy-based card games like poker or blackjack featured in online Vegas games or play a game of chance.

Have a bath

There’s something very reassuring about getting home and immediately taking a bath or shower. It can physically and figuratively wash away the stresses of the day. If you are feeling particularly stressed, try lighting a few scented candles or adding bath salts. Certain fragrances and scents have been known to help with relaxation and mindfulness. If you don’t feel like doing this try changing into different clothes as soon as you get in through the door instead.

Cooking dinner

One of the best antidotes to a bad day in the office is replenishing your body with some healthy home-cooked food. Adding specific nutrient-rich food to your recipe will also help you fuel your body and mind to perfectly condition your return to work the next day. Just the process of preparing and cooking in the kitchen will help nearly all of your senses. First, it keeps you on your feet instead of slouching straightaway into the couch and secondly, the process of following a recipe will allow your brain to focus on something other than the next round of redundancy interviews.

There are as many ways you can recover from a bad day at work as there are people and most of them don’t have to include reaching for a bottle of wine or stopping off at shops for a four pack. While having a drink can be relaxing, try mixing it up with a few other ways to help you stay healthier, more alert and ready to tackle whatever hits you in the morning.