Smart ways to protect your business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up manager or an experienced businessperson, you’ll be aware of the relative fragility of the company that you’re running. Turbulent times can visit even the strongest and most-established of companies, and in such periods, a business stays afloat thanks to astute planning and protective measures.

This article walks through the four main methods businesspeople use to protect their business. These tips apply to businesses of all sizes, but are especially important for small businesses – ones vulnerable to financial mishaps, and still building their protective business infrastructure.

Sound accounting

From the get-go, you’ll want to be as on top of your numbers as you can be. Of course, having the financial data easily and readily at hand means you’ll be able to make smarter business decisions in the short and long-term. But astute accounting will also free you from the stresses – and potential penalties – associated with paying business tax or heading to court to defend the financial activity of your company. Remember, if you’re a small business, that a paid outsourced accountant is tax deductible, so you’ll not be wasting money by bringing in the professionals straight off the bat.

Lawyer up

Despite overtures about free markets and regulation-free business, there is a good deal of red tape in the business world. Small companies find this particularly difficult to deal with, but it’s imperative that you’re on the right side of all legislation and regulation before you begin operating your business in earnest. Bringing in a trusted and experienced lawyer will help protect your company from unforeseen lawsuits and legal challenges, which means you’ll be protected from protracted legal battles and their associated costs.

PR team

Most important for larger companies who can suffer significant damage from a negative item in the press, it’s essential to bear in mind that your business’ image can be fatally wounded by negative press. A PR team will go some way to alleviating this worry. By planning ahead for foreseeable PR nightmares, they’ll prepare your company’s response to any mishaps in the media ahead of time, so that you’re ready to run stories and contact the press with your angle as soon as possible. Smart, reactive companies are savvy with their PR and choose an experienced PR advisor who’ll be able to protect them from troubling stories in the press.

Commercial insurance

Business insurance is an absolute must for companies of any size and age. Some of the best policies come from some of the best providers, like Hiscox, who’ll set you up with immediate coverage, with no administration fees. By protecting the financial side of your business, you’ll be considerably safer and more confident in the event of any one disaster that can hit a company at any time. Make sure that you check the terms of your contract so that you know where your weaknesses are and what you’re protected for.

The four tips outlined above should help direct any businessperson towards the operation of a well-protected, secure and successful business future.